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Guide Build Gear Zilong Savage Painful, Strongest, Best

Zilong is a hero obtained at the beginning of the Mobile Legend game. Although obtained easily, this hero is not a bad or useless hero. His ability to attack and attract enemies is very useful in teams, especially when playing Ranked Games. Zilong who uses this spear weapon at first glance looks normal, but what’s interesting is his balance in attack and defense because he is a Fighter / Assassin type. Indeed, to get Maniac or Savage with Zilong is very difficult, because Zilong can’t beat opponents with instant kills. Zilong relies more on attack speed and damage and not skills like mage or assassin. Zilong also usually functions to steal the opponent’s tower when the opponent’s attention is diverted to other things. Use the inspire skill which is very useful in the early game for hunting monsters or defeating opponents. Make the best of the opportunity to win.


Early Games

At the beginning of the game, make hunting items first, and go straight to the jungle. If the buff is still left and there are no team members in need, take the buff, after that you can go directly to the top or bottom line. Keep your distance from enemies who can attack from a distance if the enemy is not alone, especially mages like Aurora or Cyclops, because when Zilong freezes from Aurora or locks from Cyclops, Zilong will most likely die. Take skill 1 (Spear Flip) first at the beginning which is useful for attracting opponents near the tower. After level 4 take the Ultimate Supreme Warrior skill which increases movement and attack speed.

Mid Game
After Zilong’s first 4 items are finished, Zilong should be strong enough and become a reliable hero. Attack speed, high probability of critical and critical damage, as well as the lifesteal ability of items make Zilong difficult to match 1 on 1. Moreover, his ultimate skill increases movement and attack speed which makes him even stronger. Even though you are already strong, don’t forget that the enemy is also getting stronger, so be careful not to be attacked in groups or suddenly attacked.

Late Game
Be careful if you are attacked suddenly during the late game, because the enemy’s damage has increased considerably, if you are hit you can die instantly, it’s always better to be together with the team. If possible steal enemy towers when their attention is turned to the fight with our team.

Item Build

Haas Claws

Adds 20% lifesteal ability with an additional 10% when Zilong’s HP is below 40%. This item also adds 70 points of Physical attack. Very useful when fighting Lord or enemy heroes.

Warrior Boots

Adds 22 armor and 40 points of movement speed. Armor can be increased again by 5 points with a maximum of 25 points every time you receive physical damage from basic attacks.

Berserker Fury

Functions to increase the chance of critical 25% and critical damage 40%. Also adds 65 attack points.

Scarlet Phantom

Increases attack speed by 40% and critical chance by 10%.


Attack speed increased by 25%, movement speed increased by 20, and critical chance 20%

Blade of Despair

With this sword, physical attack increases by 170 points. The damage is terrible when compared to other items. Not only that, if the enemy is in an abnormal state such as stun or slow, the damage will increase by another 10%.

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