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Guide Build Gear Yi Sun Shin Savage The Painful and Best

Yi Sun Shin is one of the marksman heroes who has the ultimate long-range skill and can even hit an opponent anywhere even though he is at the base. Yi Sun Shin has 2 weapons, namely swords and arrows. In close combat, Yi Sun Shin will automatically use a sword, while for long range, Yi Sun Shin will use arrows. Use Battle Spell flickr or retribution and marksman emblem. Use grass or bushes to hide while casting skill 2 and then release it towards the enemy. If attacked simultaneously or gang by the enemy, use skill 1 to escape, and if still not able to use flickr. In Mayhem mode, it is not recommended to use this hero. This is the Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play Yi Sun Shin the strongest, best, and deadly in the Mobile Legends Ranked Game.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, buy a hunt item first, then take skill 2 (Blood Floods). Take the red buff in the lower lane if no team members need it, then hurry to the mid or lower lane to kill creeps and defend the tower. Hunt in the forest to increase the level, if there is a chance steal the monsters in the opponent’s area, but do it with team members. Take the ultimate skill when Yi Sun Shin has reached level 4. Save the ultimate skill and use it when there is an opponent whose blood is low but manages to escape.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on hunting in the forest during mid game so that the remaining gear becomes fast. If there is an opportunity, use it as a solo turtle to get additional exp and gold for the team. Use the ultimate skill if it is needed to find out the opponent’s position, especially if there is Natalia who can disappear.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
When you have reached the late game and victory has not yet been achieved, be careful of assassin heroes because usually the opponent’s assassin will target the marksman first and the opponent’s assassin damage is very painful and deadly in the late game, it can even kill the marksman instantly. Sell ​​Hunt items purchased at the beginning of the game and buy Blade of Despair. Buy attack potions if there is gold left to get additional physical attacks. If there are 2 or more enemy heroes that have been killed, go to the Lord to defeat them and help us attack the enemy tower.

Guide Build Gear Yi Sun Shin

Haas Claw

Serves to increase the lifesteal ability so that Yi Sun Shin is not easily defeated and does not need to return to base often to replenish blood.

Swift Boots
Can increase movement speed by 40 and attack speed by 15%

Scarlet Phantom
Increases Yi Sun Shin’s attack speed by 40%

Berserkers Fury
Increases Yi Sun Shin’s critical chance and critical damage

Increases attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance. If needed, Windtalker can be replaced with other items such as Deadly Blade or Rose Gold Meteor or Blade of Despair.

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack by 170 points and attack speed by 10%

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