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Guide Build Gear, Tutorials, and How to Play Harley in Mobile Legends

Harley is a mage type hero who is quite strong and reliable. His passive skill (Magic Master) adds to Harley’s basic attack power. Use the Mage Emblem and Flickr Battle Spell in matches. Use the deadly Combo Skill 2-3-1-2 to attack the opponent. Space Escape to advance towards the opponent, followed by deadly magic then poker trick, and ended by escaping using skill 2 again. Another combo is 2-1-2 without the use of ultimate skills.

Harley Skills

Poker Trick
Throwing poker cards at the opponent and increasing Harley’s attack speed every time the card hits the opponent

Space Escape
Move forward then leave the hat in the area before it moves. When used again, Harley will return to the hat area. Usually to attack the opponent begins with this skill.

Deadly Magic
Harley shoots a ring of fire at the opponent’s hero and when Harley attacks then a few percent of the damage will also be added when the ring of fire explodes some time after being fired at the opponent.


Early Games
At the beginning of the game buy hunting items to hunt in the forest, pick up buffs up or down if no one needs them. Take the Poker Trick skill first to attack. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately, but still prioritize the ultimate skills taken at levels 4, 8, and 12. Immediately go to the mid lane and kill the opponent’s creeps or minions.

Mid Game
Stay focused on hunting in the forest, if there is a chance go to the turtle together with the team to get extra exp and gold. If a war occurs, target the attack towards the opponent’s marksman or assassin.

Late Game
Be careful of marksman and assassin because the damage is already very painful in the late game. Sell ​​hunting items at the beginning, replace them with Blood of Wings. Buy magic potion items to increase Harley’s magic power.

Guide Build Gear Harley

Magic Shoes
Increase movement speed and reduce Harley skill delay/cooldown

Glowing Wand
Adds magic power, movement speed, and Burn effect when attacking opponents

Concentrated Energy
Add magic power and lifesteal effect from skill or spell vamp

Necklace of Durance
Increases magic power and reduces the HP regeneration effect of the opponent

Feather of Heaven
Increases Harley’s magic power and attack speed

Blood Wings
Add magic power and HP Harley

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