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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Sickest and Best Hanabi in Mobile Legends

Hanabi is a marksman-type ninja hero who has the lifesteal ability from his skills. This hero also has the ability to stun from his ultimate skill where not all marksman heroes have this ability. Use battle spell retribution to help hunt or flickr to help Hanabi when chasing or being chased by opponents. Here’s a Gear Build Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Sick and Best Hanabi in Mobile Legends.

Hanabi Skills

Ninjutsu: Equinox (Passive)
A secret scarlet shadow technique where when Hanabi’s HP is full, 50% of the HP received from lifesteal will be converted into a shield that can withstand up to 20% of max HP.

Ninjutsu : Petal Barrage
This skill has no cooldown but still consumes mana. This skill has a passive effect of 7% lifesteal which will increase by 3% each time this skill is leveled.

Ninjutsu : Soul Scroll
Fires a kunai at the opponent, deals damage, heals mana, and slows down the enemy.

Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana (Ultimate)
The ultimate area skill from Hanabi that is able to stun the opponent within a certain period of time.


Early Games
Buy hunting items at the beginning of the game so that Hanabi’s level increases faster when hunting in the forest. Take skill 1 (Petal Barrage) then take the buff at the top or bottom if no team members need it. Take turns in taking skills 1 and 2, but still prioritize the ultimate skill.

Mid Game
Stay focused on leveling up, watch out for sudden attacks from grass or bushes. If there is a chance, Steal the monsters in the opponent’s forest and also kill the turtles to get additional gold and exp for the team.

Late Game
Be careful with the opponent’s assassins and marksmans who are already very badly damaged in the late game. Buy a potion attack item to strengthen Hanabi’s attack when all the gear has been purchased and there is still gold left.

Guide Build Gear Hanabi

Swift Boots
Increases Hanabi’s attack speed and movement speed

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical damage, critical chance, and critical damage

Increase attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance

Endless Battle
Adds physical damage, mana regen, HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal.

Scarlet Phantom
Increase physical damage, attack speed, and critical chance

Blade of Despair
Increases physical damage significantly

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