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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Sickest and Best Natalia in Mobile Legends

Natalia is a hero assassin who has the ability to disappear. This ability is unique and often makes opponents difficult and confused in finding Natalia’s position. However, the weakness of this ability is the time limit in disappearing and the exclamation mark above the enemy hero who is nearby when he is not in the grass or bushes. In addition, now there are heroes who have the ability to see disappearing opponents like Lesley with his ultimate skill. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Sick and Best Natalia in Mobile Legends.


Assassin Instinct

Attacks from behind the opponent will increase Natalia’s damage. Natalia will also enter stealth mode when staying in the grass or bushes for 2 seconds. This effect will be lost if outside the grass for 5 seconds or if Natalia attacks or is attacked by an opponent.

Claw Dash
Natalia can attack in certain directions with her claws. This skill can be used 2 times in a short period.

Smoke Bomb
Natalia throws a smoke bomb that slows down the opponent’s movement speed and increases Natalia’s attack speed. In addition, Natalia can also avoid all basic attacks or basic attacks. The enemy hero is also silenced for a few seconds.

Cold Blooded Strangling (Ultimate)
Natalia’s ultimate skill makes Natalia attack her enemies several times in a row.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Buy a hunt item at the beginning of the game and the first skill to attack, then take the buff above or below, then immediately clear the lane up or down. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately, but still prioritize the ultimate skill.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the Mid Game, stay focused on hunting in the forest so that Natalia can level up quickly and if possible attack the turtle and defeat her to get additional gold and exp for the team.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the Late Game, Natalia will be a very dangerous and deadly hero because she can disappear and attack the opponent’s hero at any time. Heroes who are hit by Natalia’s attack in the late game will have difficulty escaping because they are exposed to silence so they can’t use skills and usually the opponent’s hero will die instantly after Natalia uses her abilities. But even though Natalia can disappear, be careful with the opponent’s hero because when Natalia doesn’t disappear, she can still be attacked by enemy assassins and marksman whose damage is also very painful. Sell ​​hunting items purchased at the beginning of the game and then replace them with Blade of Despair. Also buy an attack potion to increase Natalia’s damage if there is gold left.

Guide Build Gear Natalia

Rapid Boots

Increases Natalia’s movement speed significantly.

Increases Natalia’s attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical attack damage, critical chance and critical damage

Endless Battle
Increase physical attack damage, mana regen, HP, Cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal

Scarlet Phantom
Increases physical attack damage, movement speed, and attack speed

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack damage significantly

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