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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Best Rafaela in Mobile Legends

Rafaela is a support type hero who has the ability to heal or regenerate HP herself and her team’s heroes. Even though she has attack skills, usually Rafaela is more focused on her healing skills. The ultimate skill also only helps to stun the enemy in a straight line. Use the support emblem and Flickr battle spell to make Rafaela a better support in the match. This is the Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Best Rafaela in Mobile Legends.

Rafaela’s Skills

Sacrificial Spirit (Passive)
Rafaela’s damage will slow down the enemy for a few seconds and her healing ability will increase the team’s hero movement speed for a few moments.

Light of Retribution
This skill is able to show hidden opponents and inflict damage to the 3 closest enemy heroes

Holy Healing
A skill that can heal Rafaela and her team heroes

Holy Baptism (Ultimate)
Attacks the enemy in a straight line and stuns them for a while

Rafaela’s Playing Strategy

Early Games
At the beginning of the game, take skill 2 (Holy Healing) because skill 1 (Light of Retribution) is not very useful and does not feel much damage. Help friends take buffs or immediately go to the top or bottom lane to keep the tower from creeps or minions and enemy heroes. Don’t try to attack your opponent alone because Rafaela is a support type hero.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower together with teammates. Don’t be too advanced when there is a war because Rafaela’s defense is small and very easy to kidnap and kill.

Late Game
Be careful of assassins and marksmans in the late game whose damage is already very painful and they usually target support heroes like rafaela or estes first because apart from rafaela’s defense and small estes, the heals are also troublesome and make the team hard to beat. When there is gold left, buy magic potions to increase Rafaela’s magic power.

Guide Build Gear Rafaela

Clock of Destiny
Adds magic power, HP, and mana.

Magic Shoes
Increase movement speed and reduce Rafaela’s skill cooldown

Enchanted Talisman
Add magic power, HP, and cooldown reduction

Holy Crystal
Adding Rafaela’s Magic Power

2x Blood Wings
Increases Rafaela’s HP and Magic Power significantly