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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Strongest and Best Franco in Mobile Legends

Franco is a tank hero who is able to attract opponents by using a hook or hook. Opponents hit by Franco’s hook usually die during war because they are attacked simultaneously by Franco’s team. However, it takes practice to use the hook properly and well. Use the battle spell petrify to stun enemies or flickr to help Franco when chasing opponents or running away. Install the tank emblem to make Franco thicker and stronger.


Wasteland Force (Passive)
Increase movement speed and HP regen when not hit by enemy attacks in a short time

Iron Hook
Attracts enemies and deals damage to those hit by Franco’s hook the first time

Fury Shock
Attacks enemies around Franco and slows their movement speed

Brutal Massacre (Ultimate)
Attack the opponent in a row and the opponent will be stunned when Franco attacks.

Franco’s Combo Skill Attack
If the opponent is far enough away, use skill 1 (Iron Hook) to attract the enemy, then use the ultimate skill, followed by skill 2 (Fury Shock). If the opponent is near Franco, you don’t have to use skill 1, just the ultimate skill then skill 2, and if it’s not dead then the enemy tries to run away, then use skill 1.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Take the first skill (iron hook) at the beginning of the game to be able to attract enemies. Help your teammates to take buffs so that they are at least level 2 and get skill 2 (Fury Shock), then go to the top or bottom lane to kill the creeps. Avoid war before level 4. After level 4, take the ultimate skill (Brutal Massacre) then try to pull your opponent to the tower area using skill 1 followed by ultimate skill and skill 2 if you succeed in attracting your opponent.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on keeping the lane up or down, but if the enemy attacks the mid lane or disappears from the lane, beware of sudden attacks and also pay attention to the mid lane because usually the mid lane is often attacked in an alley or simultaneously by the enemy. This is because heroes in the mid usually do not have high defense and are easily attacked because they are alone.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, wars often occur, either involving part or all of the team. Franco is usually on the front line to be able to attract opponents with his hook. Buy a defense potion for the tank if all the items have been purchased and there is still gold left.

Guide Build Gear Franco

Warrior Boots
Increases Franco’s physical armor and movement speed

Cursed Helmet
Increase HP and magic resistance

Blade Armor
Adds physical armor and counter basic attack effects to the opponent

Athena Shield
Increase HP, magic resistance, and HP Regen

Twilight Armor
Adding HP, Mana, and HP Regen

Increases HP, Magic Resistance, and reduces skill cooldown time

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