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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful and Best Gord in Mobile Legends

Gord is a hero mage in the Mobile Legends game whose all skills are skill areas. Gord also has a passive skill that gives additional damage after attacking the same target with the skill 5 times. Using Gord is a bit difficult when using his ultimate skill because on average the opponent manages to escape when he is only exposed to his skill for a while. For that we need teamwork with heroes who can stun areas like Tigreal so that Gord’s ultimate skill is more effective and well directed. Use battle spell flickr and mage emblem for Gord. Here’s a Gear Build Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful and Best Gord in Mobile Legends.


Mystic Favorite
Gives additional damage to opponents who have been hit by the Gord skill 5 times in a short period of time. This skill is effectively triggered when Gord uses skill 2 (Msytic Injunction) or ultimate skill (Mystic Gush).

Mystic Projectile
Gord throws a magic bomb (magic bomb) to the area selected by the player and then stuns the enemy. Enemies in the center of the bomb will take 30% more damage.

Mystic Injunction
Gord creates an energy field that makes all enemies in the area take continuous damage until the effect of this skill automatically disappears in that area.

Mystic Gush
Gord shoots a straight line laser beam that takes damage to all enemies within the line area and reduces their movement speed. The skill direction can be controlled to the right or to the left. Use the 1-2-3 skill combo to defeat the opponent.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, you can take skill 1 or skill 2 and then help teammates to take buffs. After that immediately go to the top or bottom lane to kill creeps and defend the tower. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately, but still prioritize the ultimate skills taken when Gord is level 4, 8, and 12.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on defending the tower in the mid game, if there is a war, use the first skill to stun the sickest and most dangerous opponent. Invite the team to turtle when 2 or more opposing heroes die so that our team gets additional gold and exp.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Be careful of assassin and marksman heroes whose damage is already very painful in the late game. Try not to cross the forest while moving. Buy magic potions if there is gold left to increase Gord’s magic power.

Guide Build Gear Gord

Wizard Boots

Adds 300 HP and 40 movement speed. Users of these shoes will get an additional 80 gold when getting assists.

Ice Queen Wand
This ice magic wand adds magic power, mana regen, and the user’s movement speed. This stick is able to slow down the opponent’s movement speed.

Concentrated Energy
Adds magic power, HP, and lifesteal abilities for users.

Glowing Wand
Adds status magic power, movement speed, and magic penetration to the user. The opponent will be exposed to the burn effect after being hit by a skill.

Devil Tears
Adds magic power and magic penetration to the opponent. If the user’s HP is more than 70%, the effect of this gear will increase

Holy Crystal
Increases magic power significantly

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