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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Strongest and Best Minotaur in Mobile Legends

Minotaur is a semi-support tank type hero in the form of a bull that has heal skills. Minotaur also has a stun-like effect that can hit nearby enemy heroes when the ultimate skill is used in a rage state. Use tank emblems and battle spell flickr to strengthen the Minotaur in the match. This is the Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Strongest and Best Minotaur in Mobile Legends.

Minotaur Skills

Rage Mode (Passive)
Increases rage each time a Minotaur attack hits an enemy. When the rage is full, the Minotaur enters the full rage state or state where he gets increased damage, armor, and magic resistance. After losing rage status, Minotaur can’t replenish rage for a while.

Despair Hammer
Minotaur jumps to a certain area and deals damage to nearby enemies and slows them down.

Motivation Roar
Useful for healing Minotaurs or team heroes near the Minotaur.

Minoan Fury (Ultimate)
In the rage state, the Minotaur will jump several times which makes it difficult for surrounding enemies to move.

Combo Attack or Minotaur Skill

When you have entered rage mode, use skill 1 to jump towards the enemy and then immediately use the ultimate skill. If the Minotaur is hit by an opponent’s attack, use skill 2 to heal.

Minotaur Playing Strategy

Early Games
At the beginning of the game, take skill 1 (Motivation Roar) to attack the opponent. After that go to the top lane or bottom lane to keep the tower from being attacked by minions and enemy heroes. If you want open war, it’s better to be in rage condition and the ultimate skill is ready to be used.

Mid Game
Keep guarding the tower and be careful with surprise attacks, especially when opposing heroes disappear from the map.

Late Game
When a war occurs, be prepared to advance on the front lines because the Minotaur is a tank that is capable of disrupting and destroying enemy formations with its rage abilities. Use the ultimate skill when in a state of rage and close to several opposing heroes. Buy a potion tank item when all gear items have been purchased and there is still gold left.

Minotaur Gear Build Guide

Warrior Boots
Increases Minotaur’s movement speed and physical armor

Cursed Helmet
Adds magic resistance, HP, and deal damage magic effects to enemies around the Minotaur.

Blade Armor
Increases physical armor and counter 25% of the opponent’s physical attack

Increases HP, magic resistance, cooldown reduction, and increases the effect of HP regeneration and shield absorption

Sky Guardian Helmet
Adding HP and HP regen

Twilight Armor
Adding HP, Mana, and HP regen

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