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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, and How to Play Roger in Mobile Legends

Roger is a semi marksman fighter hero in the form of a werewolf who has sick damage and several different skills (in human form and in wolf form). Roger’s passive skill (Full Moon Curse) has a different effect when in human form and in wolf form. When in human form, Roger’s basic attack is able to reduce the opponent’s movement speed by 20%, while in the form of a wolf, Roger’s basic attack damage will be increased by 5% of the HP lost from the opponent. Use battle spell flickr and fighter emblem for Roger.

Roger’s Skill (Human Form)

open fire
Roger’s first human skill (Open Fire) makes Roger shoot 2 bullets at the opponent and can slow down the enemy and reduce his defense.

Hunter Steps

His second skill (Hunter Steps) increases Roger’s movement speed by 50% for 2.5 seconds

Wolf Transformation
This skill is Roger’s ultimate skill that can turn him into a wolf. When transformed, Roger also deals damage to nearby enemies and reduces his movement speed. The Wolf form also increases Roger’s physical defense, magic, and movement speed.

Roger’s Skill (Wolf Form)

Lycan Pounce
Jumps towards the opponent and deals damage to nearby enemies. Kill or assist reduces the cooldown of this skill by 80%

Bloodthirsty Howl
Increases Roger’s attack speed and if there is a hero with HP below 40%, Roger’s movement speed also increases.

Restore Human Form
Turning Roger back into a human


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Buy hunting items to hunt in the forest so that Roger’s level can quickly rise. Help your teammates to pick up buffs at the top or bottom. After that, immediately go to the tower in the upper or lower lane to kill creeps and then return to the forest to hunt. Take the first skill first at the beginning of the game. To increase the skill later, take turns with the second skill, but still prioritize the ultimate skill.

Mid Game
When some of Roger’s gear is finished, of course Roger’s damage is getting sicker. Take advantage of this to attack your opponent suddenly in the form of a wolf. Use Combo skill 2 and 1 to attack the opponent. Do a turtle solo and steal enemy monsters if you get the chance.

Late Game
Be careful of assassin and marksman heroes in the late game because the damage is already sick. Sell ​​the hunting items purchased at the beginning, replace with Blade of Despair. Purchase an attack potion item to increase Roger’s attack. If there is still gold, replace the Rose Gold Meteor with Blade of Despair. Do a solo lord if there is a chance or if 2 or more opposing heroes are defeated or dead.

Guide Build Gear Roger

Haas Claw
Increases Roger’s physical attack power and lifesteal effect

Swift Boots
Increases Roger’s attack speed and movement speed

Scarlet Phantom
Increases Roger’s attack speed and critical chance

Rose Gold Meteor
Added magic resistance and lifesteal. Roger will also get a shield when HP is below 30%

Berserkers Fury
Increase critical chance and critical damage

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack power by 170 points and 10% attack speed