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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, and How to Play the Worst, Strongest, Best Valir in Mobile Legends

Valir is a mage-type hero who uses the power of fire to kill his opponents. Valir has a skill area that can hit several opposing heroes at once. Use the mage emblem and battle spell flickr to help Valir in battle. To get a double kill, triple kill, maniac, or savage, you can take advantage of the Ultimate Valir skill when the HP of the opponent’s heroes is not much left. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, and How to Play the Worst, Strongest, Best Valir in Mobile Legends.

Valir Skill

Arcane Flame (Passive)
Condenses the inner fire for a certain period so that the next Burst of Fire or Searing Torrent can be issued without a cooldown

Burst of Fire
Explodes fire in a certain area and reduces the opponent’s movement speed

Filtering Torrent
Sends a rain of fire towards the front and knockback the opponent

Hellfire (Ultimate)
This Valir area skill makes it quite difficult for the enemy because the damage is quite painful and the area is quite large.

Combo Attack or Valir Skill
Use the first skill to attack and slow down the opponent so that later they don’t get out of the ultimate skill area. Use the ultimate skill to make the enemy trapped in the fire, then continue with skill 1 again and end with skill 2.

Valir Play Strategy

Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Without the need to take buffs or buy hunting items, Valir can go directly to the top or bottom lane. Take the first skill first, but later along with the increase in Valir’s level, take skill 2 and 1 alternately, but still prioritize the ultimate skill to take.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on guarding the tower but don’t forget to help teammates who need help. If you get a chance, go to the turtle with your teammates to kill it to get extra exp and gold.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Be careful of assassins and marksman whose damage is already sore in the late game, especially those that can disappear or instant kill like Natalia and Karina. Buy potion items for mages to increase magic power when all Valir items are purchased. If needed, use the ultimate skill to disrupt the opponent’s hero formation during war. When 2 or more opposing heroes die, go to Lord to defeat him so he can help destroy the opposing tower.

Guide Build Gear Valir

Enchanted Talisman
Add magic power, mana regen, HP, and cooldown reduction

Magic Shoes
increase movement speed and reduce skill cooldown time

Glowing Wand
Adds magic power, HP, movement speed, and burn effects to opponents when using skills

Fleeting Time
Added magic power, cooldown and reduction. If you manage to get a kill or assist, the ultimate skill cooldown will be reduced by 35%

Concentrated Energy
Adds magic power, HP, and lifesteal effects from skills (spell vamp)

Blood Wings
Increase magic power and HP significantly

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