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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, and How to Play the Painful, Strongest, Best Alpha in Mobile Legends

Alpha is the strongest, best, and sickest fighter hero for now. The ultimate Alpha skill (Spear of Alpha) has quite painful damage and a stun effect that makes the opponent unable to move at all. Skill 2 Alpha (Force Swing) can also attack the opponent and recover Alpha’s HP. His first skill (Rotary Impact) has a long enough distance for a fighter type hero and can slow down the opponent’s movement speed. Alpha also has a Beta passive skill, Advance! which serves to increase Alpha damage. Use battle spell flickr and assassin or fighter or physical emblems for this hero (as needed). Currently, Alpha is a fighter hero that is often used in ranked games, especially at the epic, legendary, and mythic levels. Here’s a Gear Build Guide, Tutorial, and How to Play the Painful, Strongest, Best Alpha in Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, buy hunting items to increase exp when hunting monsters in the forest. Usually Alpha doesn’t take buffs because the buffs will be taken by assassin and marksman heroes, so they can go directly to the top or bottom lane to kill creeps first, then continue with hunting monsters in the forest. If there is a chance steal the opponent’s monster to get additional exp. If Alpha is level 4, take the ultimate skill. Use these skills for open war. After the opponent is hit by the ultimate skill stun, continue the combo with skill 2 and end with skill 1. If the opponent runs away, use flickr to approach and attack him.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, Alpha should be strong enough and some of the gear is ready. If there are 2 or more opposing heroes who die, use the opportunity to solo turtle. Stay focused on defending your tower and hunting in the jungle if you get the chance.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, be careful of marksman and assassin heroes whose damage is already very painful. Sell ​​the hunt items purchased in the early game then buy the last item Alpha. Buy an attack potion if there is gold left to strengthen Alpha’s attack. Aim for the marksman hero for the first time and continue with assassins and mages during war.

Guide Build Gear Alpha

Warrior Boots

This item functions to increase Alpha’s armor and movement speed

Endless Battle
This item is very useful for Alpha because in addition to reducing the skill cooldown time by 15%, Endless Battle also increases physical attack power, mana regen, HP, and movement speed.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Increases HP and reduces skill cooldown time by 10%

Bloodlust Ax
Add 70 points of physical attack power, reduce skill cooldown time by 10% and lifesteal from skill (spell vamp) 20%

Blade of Despair
Adds 170 physical attack points and 10% attack speed

Demon’s Advent
Increases Armor, HP, HP regen, and reduces the opponent’s attack power