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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, and How to Play Aurora the Ice Queen in Mobile Legends

Aurora has a unique passive skill, namely when using a skill, the bar under HP will increase, if it is full then the next skill will freeze the opponent (usually using these 4 skills in a row will make this bar full).

Take skill 1 first when the game starts because skill 1 has a damage area, in contrast to skill 2 whose damage is targeted only to 1 opponent. If you play in brawl mode, buy which items regen until gold runs out so you don’t have to be afraid of running out of mana in the middle of the game because in brawl mode there is no base to fill HP and mana, unless the hero dies, it will only be fully charged when alive again.
Focus on raising the ultimate skill because the area is quite large and the damage can’t be underestimated either. Usually, the aurora player will fill the freeze bar with skill 1, then when the bar is full and ready to freeze the opponent, then the ultimate skill is issued to freeze several opponents at once.

Item Build

Enchanted Talisman

A very useful item for mages who rely on skills because it reduces the cooldown of skills by up to 20%.

Arcane Boots

Increases Aurora’s movement speed and damage penetration

Lightning Truncheon

Useful when Aurora uses the ultimate skill and the first skill so that it can add damage to a maximum of 3 opponents at once.

Holy Crystal

Besides adding 90 points of magic power, this item also increases Aurora’s magic power by up to 25%.

Devil Tears

Increase penetration of damage to the opponent, it will hurt more if Aurora’s HP is more than 70%.

Blood Wings

Functions to increase Aurora’s HP and magic power so that it doesn’t die easily and the damage also increases.