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Guide Build Gear Thamuz Savage The Sickest, Strongest, Best in Mobile Legends

Thamuz the Lord Lava is a Fighter-type hero with a deadly scythe. In addition to his scythe, Thamuz also uses the lava within him to defeat his opponents. Use battle spell flickr and fighter emblem for Thamuz.

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Thamuz . Skills

Grand Lord Lava (Passive)
When Thamuz uses his scythe, he will cause a scorch effect where the opponent will be exposed to continuous damage. Thamuz will also get a movement speed bonus when he doesn’t carry his scythe. Taking the scythe will strengthen Thamuz’s next basic attack, causing a slow effect, and releasing a burst of lava under the target that will explode within 2 seconds.

Slaughterous Scythe
Thamuz threw the scythe in the designated direction. The first opponent hit by the scythe will be affected by damage and slow effects. Thamuz can take back the sickle to reduce the cooldown of the next skill.

Chasm Leap
Thamuz jumps in the specified direction and causes a slow effect to the opponent. If the scythe is still moving it will return to Thamuz.

Cauterant Inferno (Ultimate)
Thamuz spewed the lava in his body at the surrounding enemies and created a Cauterant Atmosphere. Thamuz regenerates 2.5% HP when using basic attacks when this skill is active. Thamuz’s attack speed also increases by 22%.

Thamuz Playing Strategy

Early Games
When the game starts, take skill 1 then buy a hunt item to hunt in the forest during the early game. Take the upper or lower buff if there are no team members in need then immediately go to the upper or lower lane to clear the lane from enemy creeps. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately but still prioritize taking the ultimate skill when Thamuz reaches level 4, 8, and 12.

Mid Game
Stay focused on defending the tower, if there is a chance, kill the monsters in the opponent’s jungle. If there is a chance, go to the turtle to defeat it so that the team gets additional gold and exp.

Late Game
In the late game, be careful of enemies whose items are ready, especially marksman and assassin whose damage is already very painful. Do not try to advance alone when the enemy is not visible on the map as it increases the chances of being picked up or attacked simultaneously by the opposing team. Sell ​​hunting items purchased in the early game, replace with Blade of Despair. Buy attack potions to strengthen Thamuz’s attacks. if 2 or more enemy heroes are defeated immediately go to lord to defeat him so that he can help our team, especially in destroying enemy towers.

Thamuz . Skill and Attack Combos
Use skill 2 to jump towards the opponent then immediately use the ultimate skill then use a basic attack to attack the opponent. If the opponent tries to run away, use flickr to approach him then use skill 1 to finish him off.

Guide Build Gear Thamuz

Bloodlust Ax

Adds physical damage, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp effects (lifesteal from skills)

Warrior Boots
Increase movement speed and physical armor

Scarlet Phantom
Increases physical attack, attack speed, and critical chance

Endless Battle
Adds physical attack, mana regen, lifesteal

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical damage, critical chance, and critical damage

Blade of Despair
Increases physical damage significantly. Damage will increase again when the enemy hero’s HP is below 50%

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