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Guide Build Gear Lunox Savage Hurts Mobile Legends

Lunox is the newest mage type hero currently in the Mobile Legends Game. If you still remember Zhask, a mage hero who has 5 skills, Lunox also has 5 skills like Zhask, with 4 active skills and 1 passive skill. Use the mage emblem and battle spell flickr so that Lunox is not easily defeated. This is the Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Skill, Spell) Lunox the Twilight Goddess in Mobile Legends.

Lunox Skills

Dreamland Twist (Passive)
When Darkening increases, the Cooldown Reduction effect becomes magic penetration. When Brilliance Increases, the Cooldown Reduction effect is doubled in resistance.

Starlight Pulse
Deals magic damage to enemies and regenerates HP. The regeneration effect increases when the enemy hero hits. Effect increases with every Twilight stack.

Chaos Assault
Get 1 stack chaos, dealing damage to the opponent.

Cosmic Fission
Gives damage and slow effects to the target unit of the opponent.

Order & Chaos (Ultimate)
When using the power of Order, Lunox gains Brilliance to deal continuous damage to the opponent. When using the power of Chaos, he gains Brilliance and deals damage to the opponent in the form of an area.

Lunox Play Strategy

Early Games
At the beginning of the game take skill 1 or 2 then immediately go to the top or bottom lane. Note that skills 1 and 2 are related, so when leveling up one skill, they both go up at the same time. Focus on defending the tower and leveling up, if necessary roam up or down if the team needs help.

Mid Game
Stay focused on increasing the level, if there is a chance to steal monsters in the opponent’s area when the opponent is busy clearing the lane. If necessary, invite the team to the turtle to defeat it in order to get additional gold and exp.

Late Game
In the late game, try not to be alone in the lane, especially when the opposing team’s hero is not visible on the map. Use the ultimate skill only during war because the cooldown of the skill is quite long. Buy magic potions when all items / gear are ready and there is gold left. Kill the Lord when 2 or more opposing heroes are defeated.

Guide Build Gear Lunox

Arcane Boots
Increase movement speed and magical penetration

Enchanted Talisman
Added magic power, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration

Fleeting Time
Added magic power and cooldown reduction

Concentrated Energy
Add magic power and vampire spell effects

Divine Glaive
Add magic power and magical penetration

Blood Wings
Increases HP and magic power significantly.

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