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Guide Build Gear Layla Savage The Worst, Strongest, Best

Layla is one of the marksman heroes who has advantages in terms of attack distance. Even though his attack speed is mediocre and he doesn’t have the skills to run away or escape, Layla’s ultimate skill has a long enough range and can kill several opponents who have little HP or blood remaining. Here’s a guide and strategy for building gear Layla.

To use Layla, we must be able to keep our distance from the opponent because that is the strength of this character. When you have got a safe enough distance to attack, use skill 2 for open war then continue with skill 1, then rain down on enemies with basic attacks. Or it could be if you want to hit and run, use skill 1 or ultimate skill and then immediately get out of the opponent’s attack distance. Be careful with heroes who have long range attacks too like Lesley or heroes or characters who can run fast like Karina and Hilda because Layla doesn’t have escape skills. For the ultimate skill, you should not use it too often for hit and run because the delay is long, except for attacking several enemies at once.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
In the early game, buy hunting items to get extra exp from the monsters in the forest. After that take the first skill and take the buff in the lower lane if no one needs it. After that, immediately go to the mid / top / bottom lane to kill the opponent’s creep. Take the ultimate skill when Layla is level 4.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

In mid game take the opportunity to solo turtle if possible. Stay focused on hunting in the forest so that Layla’s level is not left behind from the opponent’s hero.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

Be careful of assassin heroes who can kill fast like Karina, or who can disappear like Natalia. It’s better not to push the opponent’s tower alone in the late game because the damage to enemy heroes, especially assassins, is really very sick and Layla can die in an instant. Focus on war and push the opponent’s tower in this late game. Sell ​​hunting items purchased in the early game then replace them with Blade of Despair. If there is more gold or money, buy attack potions to increase Layla’s physical attack points so that the damage will hurt even more.
Build Gear Layla

Haas Claw

With this item, Layla doesn’t need to go back and forth to the base to refill blood or HP because it can be lifesteal from monsters in the forest or enemy creeps.
This item is also useful for repeated hits and runs until the enemy’s blood is half or less, then hits the enemy with a basic attack and ends with the ultimate skill.

Swift Boots

These shoes increase Layla’s movement speed and attack speed. Very helpful especially increasing Layla’s slow movement speed.

Berserker Fury

This item serves to increase the critical chance and critical damage of Layla. With this gear coupled with Layla’s attack distance and good teamwork, Layla can become a marksman hero that is difficult for opponents to touch.

Scarlet Phantom

After Critical and movement speed, it’s time to increase Layla’s attack speed. With this item and the previous 3 items, Layla is already strong enough and should be able to defeat Lord alone, but don’t try it while all enemy heroes are still alive.


This item increases movement speed, attack speed, and critical probability, but not as much as the previous 3 items. With this item, it should be difficult for Layla to be chased by heroes who don’t have running or jumping skills because her movement speed is more than heroes who don’t have this item.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair which is Layla’s last item serves to increase basic damage up to 170 points and will increase if the enemy is in an abnormal state such as stun or slow.

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