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Guide Build Gear Kagura Hurts Savage in Mobile Legends

In the early era of Mobile Legends, Hero Kagura was not looked at by anyone because apart from his small damage, his skills were also not very useful in battle, but since the remake, Kagura has become a mage-type forbidden hero who is often banned in ranked games. Even now when playing ranked games, there are 4 heroes who are often banned, including Johnson, Kagura, Gusion, and Lancelot. Kagura is the only mage who is often banned.

At the beginning of the game, take skill 1, namely Seimei Umbrella Open which is useful for throwing umbrellas and producing damage. Take the buff on the top line, after that you can go directly to the top, mid, or bottom line, adjusting to your teammates. Usually Kagura is in the mid lane to level up quickly so that she becomes the biggest damage dealer on the team, but that doesn’t rule out marksman or assassin in the mid. Use the available opportunities to farm and level up Kagura. With a combination of skills 1 and 2 (Seimei Umbrella Open and Rasho Umbrella Flee), farming will be easy. The uniqueness of this hero is his skill. Skill when carrying an umbrella and not carrying an umbrella has its own cooldown and effect. When dealing with several opponents, throw an umbrella with skill 1 towards the gathering of opponents, then use the Ultimate skill (Yin Yang Overturn) to attract all opponents and end with skill 2 to stun. If all the items are ready, it’s not difficult to get double kills and triple kills, sometimes even maniac or savage.

Item Build

Magic Shoes
Increases movement speed and reduces 10% of Kagura’s cooldown skill.

Lightning Truncheon

Useful when Kagura uses the ultimate skill so that a maximum of 3 opponents can be damaged at once.

Concentrated Energy

Functions for lifesteal when Kagura uses skills. With this item, Kagura becomes difficult to beat because after defeating 1 opponent, HP can remain more than 50% and ready to face the next opponent.

Necklace of Durance
In addition to increasing magic power and HP, the necklace of durability also reduces the skill cooldown by 5% and reduces the opponent’s HP Regen by up to 50% if hit by a skill.

Holy Crystal
When the Holy Crystal has been purchased, Kagura’s damage cannot be underestimated anymore. His magic power will increase considerably.

Devil Tears

Increase penetration of damage to the opponent, it will hurt more if Kagura’s HP is more than 70%.

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