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Guide Build Gear Helcurt Savage hurts Mobile Legends

Helcurt is a hero assassin in Mobile Legends who has the passive ability to silence the opponent’s hero so that the opposing hero cannot use his skills for a while when exposed to the silence effect. Helcurt also has the ultimate skill to make the surrounding view of the opponent’s hero blur for a while, allowing Helcurt to approach the opponent’s hero silently, unnoticed, and without being hit. Helcurt is indeed one of the terrible assassin heroes because of his many passive skills. In addition to passive skills to silence opponents with a distance of 3 yards for 1 second, his ultimate skill also has passive skills to increase attack speed by 10%, and in his second skill, he can collect stingers to be activated later. So the second skill and ultimate skill have both passive and active effects. However, Helcurt’s ultimate skill delay is long enough so use it sparingly, and buy items to reduce cooldown, and pick up buffs in the upper lane if no team members need them (blue buff from spiders).


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, buy an item to hunt, then take the first skill. After that, you can go to the top or bottom lane to get the buff if there is no teammate who needs it or if possible take the buff in the enemy area together with teammates (at least three). Avoid war before Helcurt level 4 and get the ultimate skill. Focus on hunting and guarding the tower.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

Stay focused on hunting in the forest during the mid game so that Helcurt’s level continues to increase, if possible or there is a chance, defeat the turtle alone (solo turtle) or invite the team to join the fight against the turtle so that the team gets additional exp and gold when the turtle is defeated. Often look at the map to help friends who are defending the tower. Target weak enemies to kill, but first don’t forget to activate Helcurt’s ultimate skill to blur his view. Take Helcurt’s ultimate skill level 3 after Helcurt reaches level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In the late game, Helcurt is a very dangerous assassin, because apart from the damage done, his ultimate skill is able to blur the opponent’s view which causes the opponent to be afraid and retreat so that the opponent’s formation can be chaotic. Sell ​​hunting items purchased in the early game and replace them with the last item and then buy attack potions if there is still gold left. During war, focus on attacking the opponent’s marksman, then continue with assassins, mages, and finally tanks. If everything goes well, double kill and triple kill is not something difficult, it can even be maniac or savage. If 2 or 3 opposing heroes are defeated, go to the lord with the team and defeat him. Be careful of ambushes from the opposing team, avoid push lane alone.

Guide Build Gear Helcurt

Wizard Boots
Adds 300 HP, 40 Movement Speed, and 80 gold rewards if you help kill the opponent’s hero

Blade of Despair
Adds 170 physical attack and 10% attack speed

Endless Battle
Increases Helcurt’s lifesteal ability and reduces skill cooldown by 10%

Blade of The 7 Seas
Adds 75 physical attacks and 300 HP and reduces the opponent’s armor

Rose Gold Meteor
Adds 60 Physical Attack, 30 Magic Resistance, and 5% Lifesteal.

Demon Hunter Sword
Increases 35 pts of physical attack and 25% attack speed.

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