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Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Battle Spell) Aldous Mobile Legends, Painful Than Lesley?

Aldous is the newest hero on the Mobile Legends main server which just came out a few days ago. This hero has enormous damage that even exceeds Lesley who is considered the strongest marksman with the most damage at the moment. Not only that, Aldous can also mark one of the opposing heroes and then slide towards that hero. With his extraordinary abilities and very painful damage, Aldous is the strongest and sickest fighter hero in Mobile Legends today. Use battle spell flickr and fighter emblems to make Aoldus a stronger and not easily defeated fighter. Here’s the Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Battle Spell) Aldous Mobile Legends.

Aldous Skills

Contract : Transform (Passive)
After every 2 attacks, 100% of Aldous’s next attack damage will turn into a shield that lasts for 3 seconds. This skill activates every 3 seconds.

Contract : Soul Steal
Aldous deals damage to the opponent and strengthens the next basic attack. If an enemy is killed when Aldous uses this skill, it will permanently increase Aldous’ lifesteal. Each stack of these effects permanently adds 25 damage. Basic attack damage increases by 300% when attacking monsters or minions.

Contract : Explosion
Aldous becomes immune to basic attacks, while damage from other attacks will be reduced by 50%. When this skill ends, it will cause a stun effect.

Contract : Chase Fate (Ultimate)
Aldous is able to see all the enemy heroes on the map for a few seconds, lock the target, and attack him. Stopping this skill early will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 30%

Combo Skill and Attack Aoldus

Use the ultimate skill to see the opponent’s location on the map, then immediately slide to that location. After successfully hitting an opponent, use skill 1 to attack the enemy then continue with skill 2 so that Aoldus’ defense increases so that the damage from the opponent will be reduced. If the enemy is not dead but the blood is low, use skill 1 and basic attack to finish him off.

Aldous Play Strategy

Early Games
Buy jungle or hunting items so that later you will get additional exp when hunting in the forest. After that take skill 1 and help teammates to take buffs, after that immediately go to the top or bottom lane to clear the lane from creeps or minions.

Mid Game
In the Mid Game, stay focused on guarding the tower and increasing the level by hunting in the forest. If there is a chance, use it to go to the turtle and defeat it to get additional exp and gold for the team. Occasionally use the ultimate skill and attack an opponent who is alone if possible.

Late Game
Sell ​​jungle items purchased during the early game, replace with Blade of Despair. Buy a potion attack item to make Aoldus’ damage even more painful. If you manage to defeat 2 or more enemies, go to Lord and defeat him.

Guide Build Gear Aldous

Bloodlust Ax
Adds physical damage, cooldown reduction, and lifesteal effects from skills (spell vamp)

Magic Shoes
Increase movement speed and cooldown reduction

Endless Battle
Add physical damage, mana regen, HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical damage, critical chance, and critical damage

2x Blade of Despair
Increases physical damage significantly

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