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Guide Build Gear Bruno Savage Hurts Mobile Legends

Bruno is a marksman hero with a high critical chance level due to his passive skill, namely Mecha Legs which can increase his critical chance up to 4% to 5 times (meaning a total of 20%) every time his skill hits an opponent. Coupled with critical gear, Bruno’s critical chance is large enough so that the damage is very painful when the gear that increases the critical chance and damage is finished. This is Bruno MVP’s Guide to Build Gear and Tutorial in Ranked Game Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)

Take skill 1 first at the beginning of the game, where this skill 1 can attack several opponents at once. If possible, take the right angle to use this skill 1 so that after the skill is used, we can take again the ball that has been kicked by Bruno so that the cooldown of skill 1 is immediately completed. When the game starts, buy a hunting item and then go to the bottom buff to get the buff, don’t forget to check the grass around to make sure no opponent wants to steal the buff. Be careful when Natalia is around because she can steal buffs more easily than other heroes. Don’t forget to take the ultimate skill if it is level 4. This ultimate skill serves to reduce the opponent’s defense which of course will make the damage from Bruno’s basic attack even more painful. Avoid going to war in the early game or dealing with marksman heroes who have high attack speed like Miya because they will most likely lose.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on hunting in the forest in the mid game, if there is a chance for a solo turtle, do it immediately, but for Lord it is not recommended unless 2-3 opposing heroes die. If there is a war, open it with the ultimate skill then continue with the first skill. Do not use the second skill, save it to run away or chase the opponent when needed.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game Bruno’s damage already hurts, especially the damage from his critical. Be careful with assassins like Natalia, Karina, or Gusion because the damage is already very painful and can suddenly appear and kill Bruno immediately. Remember that Bruno is not a tank hero who can withstand assassin attacks.

Build Gear Bruno

Swift Boots

Useful for increasing Bruno’s attack speed and movement speed

Scarlet Phantom
Serves to increase Bruno’s attack speed to beat the opponent faster

Berserkers Fury
This gear is Bruno’s main gear to increase critical chance and critical damage

Haas Claw
Works for lifesteal so that Bruno is not easily defeated

Strengthens Bruno’s status especially attack speed, movement, and critical chance percentage

Blade of Despair
Increases damage from Bruno’s attacks significantly up to 170 points

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