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Guide Build Gear and How to Use Fanny Mobile Legends Cable

Fanny is a hero assassin in the Mobile Legends game, which is very difficult to use today. Even so, some players in Legend and Mythic are currently mastering it well. In accordance with the level of difficulty, when the player can master this hero, Fanny will become a reliable assassin who is not easily defeated. This is because Fanny is able to use a cable that can make her move from one end of the map to another in less than 5 seconds. Usually Fanny will immediately run away when the enemy is not defeated and Fanny’s energy remains a little. Use the steel cable skill to weaken the opponent, after the blood is half or less, use the ultimate skill and end with skill 1. So for Fanny, the skill combo is 2-3-1. Focus on taking skill 1 and ultimate skill because skill 2 is only used to move places and the effect is not too pronounced even though the level is raised. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Sick and Best Fanny in Mobile Legends.


Air Superiority
Fanny’s passive skill that can increase her damage every time she attacks a marked target.

Tornado Strike
The attack skill that became Fanny’s main skill. This skill can be no delay when triggered by the Steel Cable skill.

Steel Cable
This skill can be used to escape or to trigger Tornado Strike.

Cut Throat
Fanny’s ultimate skill which is quite sick and deadly. Usually used when the enemy’s blood is low to finish him off.

Tips for Using Fanny

Players who are not used to using Fanny will certainly find it very difficult to use it and usually a lot of errors occur because they don’t know the tricks to use it. Here are Tips and Tricks using Fanny in Mobile Legends.

1. Use Mini Map
The mini map is very useful for targeting Fanny’s attacks and seeing if Fanny’s cables can reach the targeted wall.

2. Run away when energy is low
When the energy is low, don’t force it to attack your opponent because it could even be that Fanny who died was attacked by the opponent.

3. Don’t Often Use Skills for Hunting or Creeping
Save energy and don’t use it often for hunting or creeping.

4. Take advantage of the Walls and Bushes or Grass
Fanny’s attacks will be very effective when close to the wall because she can direct attacks on enemies who are close to the wall. In addition, the skill can be repeated many times without any delay until Fanny’s energy runs out.

5. Pair up with a Hero who has the Stun skill
Go forward together with a hero who has stun, making it easier for Fanny to target her opponent.

6. Use Battle Spell Retribution and Assassin’s Emblem
Because Fanny can escape quickly even further than flickr, the battle spell flickr is not effective for Fanny. It’s better to use a retribution battle spell that can help Fanny level up when hunting in the forest. In addition, the Assassin Emblem can also increase Fanny’s status so that the damage from her attacks becomes more painful.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Take the first skill then grab the red buff at the bottom if no one needs it. Use the retribution skill to help Fanny finish off the buff monster. Avoid dealing directly with tank heroes in the early game and be careful of heroes who can stun. Take the ultimate skill when Fanny reaches level 4, 8, and 12.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Keep Focus on hunting in the jungle to increase Fanny’s level. Immediately help teammates who need help even if it’s at different ends of the map. Often look at the map to find out opponents whose blood is dying so that Fanny can finish them off quickly.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Be careful with stun heroes or marksman and assassin heroes because the damage to marksman and assassin heroes in the late game is very painful. Sell ​​the hunting items purchased at the beginning and buy Fanny’s last items. Also buy attack potions to increase Fanny’s attack power and damage.

Guide Build Gear Fanny

Bloodlust Ax

Increases physical attack damage by 70 points, reduces skill cooldown time by 10%, and increases spell vamp effect by 20%.

Warrior Boots
Adds 40 movement speed and 22 physical armor.

Blade of The 7 Seas
Reduce opponent’s armor

Rose Gold Meteor
Increases physical attack damage, magic resistance, and 5% lifesteal.

Adventist Demons
Adds HP, armor, and HP regen.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Increases physical attack damage, HP, and reduces skill cooldown by 10%.