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Guide Build Gear and How to Play the Latest Nana 2021, Can Be Legendary!

After the Nana hero was reworked, of course Nana became more reliable than before. In addition to getting 10 gold every 10 seconds, Nana’s ultimate skill also becomes more painful by launching attacks 3 times, where previously it was only once. Even though she’s getting better, Nana is rarely used in ranked games and even when she needs hero support, usually players will prefer Angela because she feels more needed in battle, especially Angela’s skills that can enter the team’s hero body and provide shields to possessed heroes. However, that doesn’t mean Nana is a useless support hero. This hero can make his teammates’ gear fast by staying around his teammates. Here’s how to play and guide Nana’s build gear to get legendary.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Take the first skill to attack several enemy creeps at once. After level 2 take skill 2 to turn the enemy into a cat. If necessary, use skill 2 in the opponent’s tower area to turn the opponent’s hero into a cat. After level 4 take the ultimate skill and prioritize the skill. If there is an opponent hero who is hit by the second skill trap, immediately attack the hero together with teammates. Immediately use the ultimate skill and the first skill followed by a basic attack on the opponent’s hero. Supposedly if the combo is done with teammates with an assassin hero, then the opponent’s hero who is hit by the combo will be killed instantly. After that, immediately retreat because in the early game Nana’s items have not been finished and the skill delay is still quite long.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, some of Nana’s items should have been finished, especially the income from her passive skill, which is 10 gold every 10 seconds. In addition, from hunting monsters in the forest. Nana’s ultimate skill is certainly quite painful when it hits the opponent. But still don’t forget that Nana is only a Support hero and not a major damage dealer like marksman or assassin. Nana’s job is to help add damage to the opponent and disrupt the opponent’s formation with her second skill and ultimate skill. In the mid game, stay focused on defending the tower and helping teammates who are hunting in the forest or are at war with the opposing team. It is not recommended for solo lords or turtles with this hero. If you want to kill a lord or turtle, ask the marksman or assassin for help.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, be careful with assassins because Nana could be targeted first because her defense is small and has the potential to destroy the opponent’s formation. Focus more on war because Nana’s items are usually ready in the late game.

Build Gear Nana

Enchanted Talisman

Functions to reduce Nana’s skill cooldown by 20%

Magic Shoes
Increases movement speed by 40 and reduces Nana’s skill cooldown by 10%

Concentrated Energy
This item is quite useful especially when Nana uses the first skill or her ultimate skill which is area so that it can increase Nana’s HP.

Holy Crystal
Function to add magic power from Nana

Devil Tears
Increases damage penetration to enemy heroes

Blood Wings
Increases Nana’s magic power and HP

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