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Guide Build Gear Alucard Deadly, Strongest, Savage in Mobile Legends

Alucard is a very tough lifestealer hero. Apart from the ultimate skill which increases lifesteal up to 30% when it is level 3 (not added with gear), the first skill and the second skill are quite painful. Alucard can defeat 2 heroes at once when dealing directly with him and all the gear is ready. In using skills, Alucard doesn’t need to think about using mana and going back and forth to base because Alucard doesn’t use mana in using his skills.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Take the first skill then get ready to take the buff in the upper lane or lower lane if no teammates need it. Buy gear for hunting if you really want to hunt in the forest to level up Alucard faster and get extra gold. Take the ultimate skill when it is level 4. Don’t use the ultimate skill to hunt in the forest, use it only during war or if needed. After using skill 1 or skill 2, make it a habit to continue with basic attacks first. For example, we want to use skill 1 to jump and attack the enemy, then continue with a new basic attack followed by skill 2 then basic attack again. This is done to activate Alucard’s passive skill, namely Pursuit which serves to give 1.2 times to the opponent when using a basic attack after using the skill. In addition, the basic attack after using the skill also directly leads to the opponent. So how to use it is, ultimate skill (press only once to activate lifesteal), skill 1 (point at the opponent), basic attack, skill 2, basic attack, then end by pressing the ultimate skill again. This hero is amazing because its use is not difficult and the damage is quite painful. When it is level 8, take the ultimate skill level 2.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Focus on guarding the tower, if possible do a solo turtle to get additional gold and exp for the team, but first make sure there are no opposing teams lurking in the bushes. Take the ultimate skill level 3 after Alucard reaches level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In the late game, Alucard’s damage is already sick and his lifesteal level is very high when using the ultimate skill. Be careful with enemy heroes who can stun like Martis. If alone and attacked in a group by a hero who can stun, it’s better to retreat because Alucard can die being attacked at the same time before he has time to move. Aim for the opponent’s marksman or assassin first during war. Buy attack potions when you have enough money, usually in very late games.

Build Gear Alucard

Haas Claw

Functions to increase Alucard’s lifesteal ability and add 70 physical attacks

Warrior Boots
Increases physical armor and movement speed of Alucard

Berserkers Fury
Increase critical chance and critical damage to Alucard

Endless Battle
Increases Alucard’s lifesteal ability and reduces skill cooldown by 10%

Rose Gold Meteor
Alucard will get a shield if HP is critical enough and increase resistance to magic attacks

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack by up to 170 points and attack speed by 10%

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