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Guide Build Gatotkaca Mobile Legends (Gear, Emblem, Battle Spell, Tutorial, How to Play)

Gatotkaca is one of the tank-type heroes in Mobile Legends who has the same name as one of the puppet characters in Indonesia. He is one of the reliable tanks that is quite helpful during war because it can stun the opponent or run away when he uses his ultimate skill. Use tank emblems and battle spell flickr to make Gatotkaca stronger and harder to beat. This is the Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Gatotkaca Mobile Legends.

Gatotkaca Skills

Steel Bones (Passive)
Changes 3% of lost HP as physical defense up to 250 points. Dealing damage to an opponent who has a higher HP will restore Gatotkaca’s 110-250 HP. This effect will only appear once every 6 seconds.

Blast Iron Fist
Gatotkaca destroys the ground in front of him, dealing damage to the opponent and giving a slow effect on him.

Gatotkaca charges and lures the opponent to attack him with a basic attack and then counterattack against the attack.

Avatar of The Guardian (Ultimate)
Gatotkaca jumps to the specified area, dealing damage and knock up or stun effects to opponents in the area.

Strategy to Play Ghatotkacha

Early Games
Take skill 1 (Blast Iron Fist) then help teammates to take buffs. After that immediately go to the top or bottom lane to clear lane and kill minions or creeps. Prioritize taking the ultimate skill and skill 1, if there are remaining points then take skill 2.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower, if necessary occasionally hiding in the bushes or grass to wait for the enemy to come and then use the ultimate skill so that the enemy is stunned.

Late Game
In the late game, be prepared to advance on the front lines and use ultimate skills when needed or when opponents gather in certain areas. Buy a potion tank item so that Gatotkaca gets tougher and harder to beat.

Guide Build Gear Ghatotkacha

Cursed Helmet
Add HP, magic resistance, and deal magic damage to nearby enemies

Tough Boots
Increases magic resistance and movement speed

Athena Shield
Adds magic resistance, HP, HP Regen, and a shield that can absorb damage

Sky Guardian Helmet
Adding HP and HP Regen

Twilight Armor
Adding HP, mana, and HP Regen

Increases HP, Magic Resistance, and the effect of rising from the dead after being killed by an opponent (cooldown 180 seconds)

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