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Guide Build Digger / Diggie (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Strongest and Best in Mobile Legends

Digger (Diggie) is a support type hero in the form of a bird that has the ability to lock opponents and throw time bombs. Use the battle spell flickr which functions to escape when being chased by an opponent. Use the mage emblem to strengthen and increase Digger’s damage. Here’s the Strongest and Best Digger / Diggie (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Guide Build in Mobile Legends.

Digger Skills

Young Again (Passive)
Diggie turns into an egg when he dies and later when he comes back to life, the egg will break and turn into a Diggie so he doesn’t have to walk from the base again.

Time Bomb
Throws an alarm bomb to a certain area. When the bomb explodes, it will stun the opponent’s hero in the area. Bombs can be detonated before 2 seconds but will only cause a slow effect.

Reverse Time
Lock the target at a certain point, let it move, then pull it back to that point after a few seconds

Time Journey
Digger and his friends gain shields and are immune to crowd control effects for a few seconds

Diggie Skill Combo

Use skill 2 to lock the opponent, then immediately use skill 1 so that the time bomb is active, then if an enemy hero uses crowd control skills, immediately use skill 3 so that Digger and his team are immune to the effect.

Digger Play Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 1 then immediately go to the top or bottom lane. Use the 1 Digger skill to throw a bomb at the opponent’s minion. Prioritize increasing the ultimate skill and skill 1, if there are remaining points then increase skill 2.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower, if there is a war, help by using skill 1 to disrupt the opponent’s formation.

Late Game

Beware of assassin or marksman attacks whose damage in the late game is already very painful. Avoid going alone or near grass or bushes. Buy magic potions to increase attack damage and Digger skills.

Guide Build Gear Digger

Magic Shoes
Increase movement speed and cooldown reduction

Enchanted Talisman
Increases magic power, HP, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration effect every 10 seconds

Devil Tears
Add magic power and magic penetration

Glowing Wand
Adds magic power, HP, movement speed, and burn effects to opponents

Ice Queen Wand
Add magic power, spell vamp, mana, movement speed, and slow effects to the opponent

Blood Wings
Increase magic power and HP significantly

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