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Guide Build Deadly Cyclops Full Damage Painful and Best

Cyclops, the one-eyed magician is one of the reliable mages in the Mobile Legends game. His ultimate skill is able to lock any enemy. In addition, cyclops also has a passive ability where when the skill hits the opponent, the delay for each skill will automatically decrease.

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Early Game (Levels 1-8)

At the beginning of the game, take skill 2 (Planets Attack) first, because this skill increases movement speed and also attacks close opponents without needing to be directed. Prioritize buying hunting items such as axes (level 2 only) so that the Cyclops level can rise quickly. When the game starts, you can go straight to the mid line if there is no team in the mid. Take the blue buff on the upper spider to reduce the Cyclops skill delay because the Cyclops skill delay is quite long in the early game. But if there are team members who take it, taking the bottom buff is also not a problem. Don’t attack too much at the beginning because there are no finished items and the cyclops’ defense is also small so the Cyclops skill delay is quite long and if you are dealing with a fighter, assassin, or marksman it will be very risky unless the opponent’s blood is a little left and there is still a lot of Cylops blood then don’t hesitate to fight. Take the ultimate skill level 1 when Cyclops level 4 which will later be useful for locking opponents. When dealing with heroes who are immune to Cyclops skills such as Lancelot or Lolita, wait for them to launch their skills then use the ultimate so that the ultimate Cyclops is not canceled and becomes useless. Be careful with fighters or tanks because Cyclops’ defense is small and doesn’t have a lifesteal in the early game so it’s easy to die. Take the ultimate skill level 2 after Cyclops reaches level 8.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, the Cyclops skill delay has been reduced quite a bit because the Enchanted Talisman and Magic Shoes are estimated to be ready. Therefore, Cyclops is able to issue his skills almost without delay. Focus on protecting the tower and team from enemy attacks. Be careful if an opponent disappears from the map. Immediately retreat to the tower area if there is such a thing. Try to push the tower and the opposing team so that the game can be completed and won in the mid game because if it’s late the game will be more difficult to beat marksman and assassin whose gear is ready. Don’t forget to take the ultimate skill level 3 or the last when the Cyclops is level 12.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
If it’s late game, be careful of assassin and marksman heroes. It is recommended not in the lane alone because it can be attacked in groups by the opposing team. Sell ​​the hunt items purchased earlier and buy Blood of Wings as the last item of the Cyclops. Then if there is still money, buy a magic potion item to increase the Cyclops’ magic power for a certain period.

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Guide Build Gear Cyclops

Enchanted Talisman

This book is very useful for cyclops because it reduces the cooldown by 20% and also regen 10% mana every 10 seconds and adds magic power so that the damage to cyclops also increases.

Magic Shoes

Useful for reducing skill delay and increasing Cyclops movement speed

Devil Tears

Penetration of damage to the opponent increases so that the attack feels much more painful, especially when the cyclops’ blood / HP exceeds 70%

Concentrated Energy

After the previous 3 items are made and the Concentrated Energy is ready, then Cyclops has become a strong enough hero to fight 1 on 1 with the opponent’s hero. This item is useful for lifesteal or adding HP Cyclops when attacking and the attack hits the opponent.

Holy Crystal
Function to add 25% magic power of Cyclops

Blood Wings

Functions to add HP and Magic power Cyclops, so that HP is more and not easy to beat, but if it feels less useful can be replaced with Fleeting Time (Reducing Cooldown 10% and After defeating the opponent hero will reduce 20% cooldown skill) or Immortality to get back up after being defeated or dead.

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