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Guide Build Chou Mobile Legends (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Strongest and Best

Chou is a fighter-type hero who uses barehanded or unarmed self-defense skills. Use battle spell flickr and fighter emblems to make Chou stronger in the game. This is the Strongest and Best Guide to Build Chou Mobile Legends (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play).

Chou’s Skills

Only Fast
After moving 8 yards will give 200% damage and slow effects to the opponent.

Jeet Kune Do
Deals damage to the opponent, the third attack will stun the opponent in the area specified by the player.

Performs a melee charge that makes Chou immune from control effects and reduces the damage taken for 2 seconds. Using this skill will reduce the opponent’s physical armor.

The Way of Dragon
Deals damage and kicks the opponent back with a considerable distance.

Chou’s Attack and Skill Combo

Use skill 1 2 times, then use shunpo towards the opponent then use skill 1 again so that the enemy is stunned. Go to the front of the enemy then use the ultimate skill and direct the enemy to our tower.

Chou Play Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 1 then help teammates take the buff above or below then immediately go to the top or bottom lane to clear the lane. Prioritize taking the ultimate skill and skill 1, if there are remaining points use it to increase skill 2.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower, after clear lane use the time to hunt in the forest. If you get a chance go to the turtle to beat it to get additional gold and exp.

Late Game
If a war occurs, be prepared to stun the enemy with skill 1, but don’t forget to use it 2 times first. If necessary, use flickr towards the opponent when using skill 1 for the third time so that the enemy is surprised and does not have time to escape. Buy a potion attack item to increase Chou’s damage so that it hurts more in the late game.

Guide Build Gear Chou

Rapid Boots
Increases Chou’s movement speed significantly

Increase attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance

Haas Claw
Adds physical damage and lifesteal effects

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical damage, critical chance, and critical damage

Scarlet Phantom
Increase physical damage, attack speed, and critical chance

Blade of Despair
Increases Chou’s physical damage significantly

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