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Guess the Release Date of League Of Legends Wild Rift, Are You Ready to Try the Beta?

Guess the Release Date of League Of Legends Wild Rift, Are You Ready to Try the Beta?

Like playing catch-up, release date League of Legends Wild Rift still seems to be an unsolved secret. The author himself has entered into how many groups Wild Rift which is indeed one way to find information regarding the game’s release date MOBA owned by Riot Games the.

Right on last Friday, there was leaked news regarding the release date closed-beta from Wild Rift. However, the reason the author did not provide information beforehand is because this date is still a mystery and there is no valid evidence regarding the launch of this game.

Wild Rift Leaks from David Higdon

Guess the Release Date of League Of Legends Wild Rift, Are You Ready to Try the Beta?

This leak originated from a Twitter account named David Higdon Which one Global Head of Communications Esports for Riot Games. David stirred up netizens by changing the banner Twitterit becomes a date 02-21-20 which many think that this is the release date of League of Legends Wild Rift. Not to mention that he displayed the banner complete with the Champion from League of Legends Wild Rift which you can see in the trailer for the release.

Because this makes many people curious, of course not a few who question it to David. One of those who questioned it was an account called Twitter @douglasgeoyt.

When asked about this, David responded by saying that it was not the release date of Wild Rift, but a seminar located at the University of Oregon. You can see an excerpt from his tweet below.

It’s an upcoming @UOWarsawCenter @UOEsports Conference in Eugene where I’m providing the Keynote. Sorry it’s not a release date for one of our upcoming games! ️

David Higdon (@davidhigdon) January 3, 2021

Because of this, of course, many loyal fans of League of Legends are very disappointed. However, the author hopes that you don’t close your cellphone or laptop first, because there are still other speculations regarding the release of the League of Legends Wild Rift game.

January Beta Release, Really?

The statement from David Higdon disappointed you? Don’t worry, this time there is evidence that is actually quite mature if you want to discuss the beta release of Wild Rift. This evidence is obtained from the Google Play Store guidelines and requirements regarding the release of pre-registered applications.

According to regulations in the Google Play Store, applications that have entered the pre-registration stage in a country must be released within 90 days at the latest. Well, if we count the first time Riot’s game appeared on the Playstore on October 16, 2021, then Wild Rift should have been released at least in January 2021, to be exact on the 14th.

Eits, be patient, this is not a full version release, it’s most likely still in the closed-beta stage which can be considered a trial version. As for maybe what makes you disappointed is the limited number of users, so don’t expect too much.

So, do you think Wild Rift will really be coming in January 2021? Give your opinion in the comments column. Oh yeah, don’t forget to follow social media accounts too GamerBingit so you don’t miss interesting information about other game leaks.

Source: DuniaGames

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