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GTA5 on Laptop LAG, Shuttering, Crashes, Broken! What should I do?

how to make gta5 not lag, smooth, smooth
Have problems playing GTA5 PC LAG Severe???

Talking about GTA5 PC, it’s endless. As of the time I wrote this article (December 19, 2021) there are still people asking this on social media. (Facebook)

Most of them ask like this:

“Brother, with this spec, can you play GTA5 PC or not?”

“GTA5 LAG is so bad, how do you fix it?”

“Can this laptop play GTA5 or not?”

“GTA5 how come the road in a hole huh?”

If you pay attention, that’s the question thatconsistent” always appears in gaming groups on Facebook.

Those who ask this question are mostly “new players” in the gaming world. (very reasonable)

GTA5 PC minimum specs…

Before answering the question above, it’s a good idea to know the minimum specifications needed to be able to run GTA5 PC.

The minimum is like this…

how to make gta5 not lag, smooth, smooth
GTA5 PC minimum specs and recommendations

Do you know the minimum specs??? (OS can’t be 32bit)

Now on to the question…

1. Bro, with this spec, can you play GTA5 or not?

The number 1 and MOST often comes up is this question.

Even though it is clear there (internet) there is information about the minimum specifications that must be met to play GTA5 PC.

Way, to make it easier to understand “how strong“The PC/Laptop that you are using is:

  • Open “dxdiag”
  • Check your PC/Laptop specs
  • Compare with “minimum requirements”
  • If your specs are “above it”, then it’s clear DEFINITELY can do it
  • If your specs are “below”, chances are you CAN, but of course it’s not optimal OR it can’t even open at all.


The best solution is to upgrade hardware OR buy a new PC/Laptop. (if funds are sufficient)


You can do simple software optimization, so you can add a little FPS when playing gta5 games. (not only gta5 only)

2. GTA5 LAG is so bad, how do you fix it?

If you only have PAS-PASS specs, while you’re already “desperate” to play this GTA5 game, it never hurts to try this “ELEPHANT” game on a PC/Laptop with low specs.

But with the consequences, most likely the game (gta5) will be LAG and less playable. The action of “forcing” the GTA5 game on an old PC with PAS-PAS specs I’ve done in the video below.

You can see in the video above, a computer with very old-school specifications, struggling hard to run the “giant” game gta5.


What did I do before trying GTA5 on the PAS-PAS spec???

Quite simple…

Alright, that’s all…

No need to use P#tch Low End, because later the image in the gta5 game will decrease drastically. (the real sensation of playing gta5 is gone)

But if you want to try P#tch Low End, you can get it via google with the keyword “P#tch GTA5 Low End PC”. (often updated, so it’s better to download it on the official website)

3. Can this laptop play GTA5 or not?

Each type of laptop has a different type of CPU, GPU and RAM. For that, it’s better that you “must” know only the “specifications”. Brand doesn’t really matter, everything is good…

For me the most important thing is the “offal”…

(built-in performance capability)


So the most important thing is to just pay attention to the specific abilities that are inside. (only all brands/types of laptops) Price is also a pretty IMPORTANT consideration.

4. How come GTA5 runs in holes, doesn’t it?

Actually the road in GTA5 is not hollow….

It just happened”miss texture” due to the delay of a GPU in processing a frame/image. (late rendering)


Lower the texture setting to “lowest”. (align left/reduce texture)


If you have more money, just upgrade VGA. (the most effective solution to overcome the missing texture in gta5)

5. Have another question???

If you have another question about gta5, it never hurts to write it in the comments. (in other articles you can, if any)

Maybe your comments/questions can be useful for others.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


That’s the article about Playing GTA5 on PC/Laptop Severe LAG, What Should I Do? Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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