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Grand Theft Auto 5 has Stopped Working, What Should I Do?

Grand Theft Auto V has Stopped Working, What Should I Do?
Have you ever experienced gta5 has stopped working?

After successfully installing the game Grand Theft Auto V on a PC or Laptop, some people may have experienced this one problem. That is where a game suddenly exits / closes itself when it is being played or when it is first opened.

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Honestly, I’ve personally experienced trivial problems in Grand Theft Auto V this. It is certainly enough to make this heart feel”panic” (at the time, Windows 10)

And when the game we opened earlier (Grand Theft Auto V) exits itself, then a pop up/notification will appear stating that the game has stopped working properly.

Approximately it looks like below.

Grand Theft Auto V has Stopped Working
Grand Theft Auto V has Stopped Working

So now the question is, what should I do when I encounter this problem? (has stopped working earlier)

If you are currently experiencing this problem, please continue reading the article until the end.

First understand the problem…

When you suddenly encounter a problem like this, don’t panic right away. Try to calm your mind first, then look for as much information as possible about the problem on the internet.

The stages are like this, understand the problem first, look for references, study, and if you already know “problem point“, then you just do “troubleshooting

The point is you have to know first, what is the cause? Grand Theft Auto V I was suddenly able to go out on its own accompanied by the appearance of a pop up “has stopped working

Is there an error in the game? (possible)

Windows OS? (possible)

Or it could be because of the user’s fault!

The possibilities that could happen…

As I explained above, first understand the problem (the state of your PC/Laptop), then do it “simple change” on your problematic PC / Laptop.

And below are some things (simple steps) that you can do in overcoming Grand Theft Auto V which experiences a sudden exit / pop up “has stopped working

Please try,

1. Check your specs…

Check your PC/Laptop specifications using Dxdiag
Check your PC/Laptop specifications using Dxdiag

The first thing you need to do is check the specifications of the PC/Laptop that you are using.

Because, in some PC/Laptop Low End, problems such ashas stopped working”, force closes, and other common problems are usually more common in Low Spec. (inadequate hardware)

Especially if you are not careful in taking care of the Windows OS (software) that you use to open the Grand Theft Auto game. So it is very likely that such problems can arise.

And if you think the specifications of your PC/Laptop are quite capable, please skip this step, and proceed to the checking stage in the second step later.

2. There is something wrong with your Windows OS…

Check the state of your Windows, is it okay?
Check the state of your Windows, is it okay?

Say “wrong” here the meaning is, maybe the Windows OS that you are currently using is being infested by a virus (not a fly). Maybe the virus that is on your PC is enough “smart & stubborn

It could be an important component of windows such as the registry, “exe“files,”etc“The files on your OS (Windows) have been infected with a virus, which results in the Windows OS not running properly.

Well, the state of the Windows OS that is already like this of course can cause various kinds of common Windows problems, one of which is the appearance of pop ups.has stopped working” on Grand Theft Auto V.

3. Maybe your Gand Theft Auto V got a virus?

Grand Theft Auto V game directory folder
Grand Theft Auto V game directory folder

It’s possible, game Grand Theft Auto V you are actually exposed to a virus attack on the launcher file (exe). All forms of files with the extension “.exe“Generally it has the potential to be damaged by viruses.

The simplest way if you are sure that the file “exe“From GTAV Launcher you get a virus is to replace it (GTAV.exe Launcher) with the new one. (search the internet)

Just re-download the file”GTAV.exe Launcher”, then put it in the directory where your Grand Theft Auto V game is located, after that please just copy/overwrite.

However, you don’t need to do this if you already have a backup file from the game Grand Theft Auto V.

What do you mean?

4. Disable antivirus, maybe it can help…

I'm using Windows' built-in antivirus (Defender)
I’m using Windows’ built-in antivirus (Defender)

There are several blogs that say that antivirus also has the potential to interfere with the continuity of a process that is in the game Grand Theft Auto V. (there is a point, because the antivirus is always active + heavy)

Well, the answer could be yes, maybe no. But honestly, I don’t agree with this opinion. (agree=60%, disagree=40%)

Or maybe like this, if the game (Grand Theft Auto V) you are using is type “Pirated”, it is also true that you should turn off the antivirus.

Why so? The answer is, because the Patch / Crack that you use in the game (Grand Theft Auto V), is nothing but the same as a “virus” also. (bad virus & good virus)

Well, for those of you who use the game (Grand Theft Auto V) Original, no need to worry. Because, it (antivirus) will not affect the process of running your game.

Maybe it will have a little effect on the “performance“if the PC/Laptop you are using is classified as Low Spec.

5. Try updating GTAV…

Try updating your Grand Theft Auto V game!
Try updating your Grand Theft Auto V game!

Try to update the game Grand Theft Auto V you are. I myself have done it and it has proven to be successful in overcoming the problem.”has stopped working” the. (lucky)

Btw, at that time I did an offline update.

There’s no harm in trying.


The Grand Theft Auto V game (for me) is indeed the most “worth it“to buy. By buying it, you can take advantage of the features ON LINE on this game. (Grand Theft Auto Online)

You can buy it cheaply on Steam. (If you want)


Grand Theft Auto V is a very popular game at the beginning of its release (2021) until now (2021). And most likely the players will continue to grow in the years to come. (because it’s the game CRAZY!)

But remember, no matter how good the game is, of course it won’t be without flaws. (human creation)

Meanwhile, to solve the problemhas stopped working”, it is enough to first know the essence of the problem, then do repairs (troubelshoot).


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.


That’s the article about Grand Theft Auto V has Stopped Working, I Must How. Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Good luck, and good luck.

See you at another time,

thank you

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