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Getting to Know Hidden Treasures in Minecraft

Getting to Know Hidden Treasures in Minecraft – Gamelmit

Getting to Know Hidden Treasures in Minecraft

In the aquatic update some time ago the developer Mojang has made the marine world more beautiful and more alive than ever with many added items.

get to know-hidden-treasure-in-minecraft

One of the highlights is the addition of a treasure chest in which there is a rare item, namely the heart of the ocean which can only be found in the hidden treasure. The heart of the ocean is an item used to make conduit.

The addition of treasures in minecraft makes its own attraction for crafter’s who like to explore and adventure to find new things.

Adventure like a pirate across all the seas and want to dominate and find all the hidden treasures to have even if it’s only in the game.

However, wait before looking for the treasure without any clues it is very difficult maybe like a road without directions and just a waste of time because to find a buried treasure chest, Mojang has given a clue, of course, a map that will lead to where the treasure is. the treasure is there.

Then where can the map be obtained? Treasure maps or Explorers can be obtained or found on all shipwrecks or shipwrecks on the seabed whether destroyed or not, sea ruins and also buy them from carteographers in the village who provide two treasure maps namely ordinary treasures and forest treasures.

A treasure map is almost the same as a map that uses a compass, there is a pointer that shows us where we are and the most important thing is the treasure. marked with a red X.

Treasure is usually on the beach on an island that we have to find by digging. It takes patience when looking for the treasure chest if playing in survival.

If you think about using TNT to destroy blocks faster, you have to think twice and be careful because when using TNT the treasure chest can explode and destroy as a result you don’t get the hidden treasure.

How about crafters? Are you interested in finding all the hidden treasures and mastering the treasures in them. It’s also not interesting for us to seek adventure and explore all the oceans like pirates to master all the treasures.

Good luck and that’s enough for this post about getting to know hidden treasures in Minecraft.

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