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Get to know Minsitthar Mobile Legends Skill

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has officially released the new hero Minsitthar on the public server. This fighter type hero is inspired by Myanmar’s history taken from King Kyanshittha.


Minsitthar himself is a specialist fighter hero Initiator and Crowd Control with spear weapons and shields made of gold.

Minisitthar’s skills are still the same as most other heroes, namely passive and active. The following is an explanation of the skills possessed by Minisitthar.

• All United (Passive Skill)

When a teammate kills the opponent’s hero he will get 60 gold while he himself kills the opponent, all team members get an additional 15 gold.

This skill makes Minsitthar hero fighter a sense of support because it will quickly add to the team’s gold.

• Spear of Glory (Skill 1)

Not only Franco and Zilong can attract enemy heroes, Minsitthar can also attract opponents using his Spear of Glory skill. Although not as long as Franco’s Hook skill, it still overwhelms the opponent.

The way the Spear of Glory skill works is that Minsitthar stabs forward with his Spear of Glory, dealing 175 (+180% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all opponents it passes and will pull it back by pulling the first opponent that Spear hits towards him , deals 150(+80% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and knocks them back.

• Shield Assalut (Skill 2)

Minstthar awakens the power of the Golden Shield and releases the power within it forward. The power explodes upon hitting the first enemy unit and deals 230 (+160% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to all enemies in the area.

Meanwhile, he gains 200 (+100% Total Movement Speed ​​instantly. The first opponent will be stunned for 1 second and the other opponent will be Knockbacked.

• King’s Calling (Ultimate Skill)

Minsitthar with this Ulti skill will charge at close range and will summon 4 Royal Guards to form an area and fight with him.

Each attack from the Royal Guard deals (+70% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage. When in the area, Minsitthar increases 30 Physical and Magical Defense. Opponents in the area will decrease their Movement Speed. Ultimate King’s Calling skill is what makes it difficult to run away because of the ability to disable the enemy so that the enemy cannot use the Blink skill or move places including Flicker.

Well, those are the skills that Minsitthar Hero has which get rich quick and it’s difficult to escape from him if he uses his Ultimate skill.

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