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Genshin Impact Will Add Controller Support for Mobile in Update 1.3

Genshin Impact Will Add Controller Support for Mobile in Update 1.3

Playing games android nor iOS without using a controller is a very common thing for gamers to do. But not infrequently those who have more sustenance buy controllers from third parties to be comfortable playing them. Starting from the usual plug-ins, to the controller from the console with the converter.

This phenomenon is very common, but it is not uncommon for developers to ban accounts for those who do it. There are many reasons behind it, one of which is injustice between players.

miHoYo become one of the developers who also practice this in Genshin Impact. However, the complaints voiced by gamers made them finally decide to provide controller support in the future.

Through Developers Discussion, miHoYo explained that they will add controller support for version 1.3 Genshin Impact. But not all controllers they support, because only a few like Xbox/Elite Wireless both series 1 and 2, PlayStation DualShock 4, and controller bluetooth iOS only.

In other words, players who choose to use controllers other than those mentioned will potentially be penalized.

miHoYo also provides an additional explanation that the controller for iOS can only be used by those who have upgraded iOS 14 or higher.

Not only that, pre-loading which was previously only available on PC and PS4 will be able to be done on mobile when the 1.3 update is ready to be released. So, you can prepare the room or go to the nearest hotspot to download it.

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Genshin Impact now it can be played on PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4. The game has crossplay and crossprogression support for accounts only miHoYo good android, iOS, and PCs. While the PlayStation 4 version does not have the crossprogression feature at all because it uses a PSN account.

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