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Functions & Types of Forest Monsters in Mobile Legends

Forest or jungle monsters are monsters that inhabit the forest in the Mobile Legends arena. They will only fight when they are attacked first.

However, that does not mean that these monsters are left useless or as mere decorations, but that the forest monsters have a very vital role for the hero who killed him to develop quickly.


The activity of killing forest monsters is usually called jungling or farming to get Exp and Gold so that heroes get rich quickly and level up. For players who are used to playing, they know the importance of this, but it’s different if cloud players are just indifferent to these forest monsters.

Until now there are at least 7 types of forest monsters in Mobile Legends with different types and functions that have been reworked and re-vamped. What are they? Here’s more about the types and functions of forest monsters.

Buff Monsters

It is a monster that after being killed will get a buff effect in the form of additional strength for the hero who can kill it. So it’s no wonder that monster buffs sometimes become a struggle between team members who are selfish because they want to get the buff effect.

The buff monster itself is on the right and left of the mid lane which is marked in purple on the map and will spawn at 00:33 seconds after the game starts.

There are 2 types of buff monsters in Mobile Legends, namely Core Guard and Statued Shocker & Chaser which were previously named Reaper and Spiner & Spider. Even though there are 2 monsters, they still have the same buff effect, the difference is only in the role of the hero who kills them.

In addition, the buff monster will also drop 3 green health packs after being killed which can be picked up by other players.

Normal Monster

Is a monster that when killed will get Exp, HP, and Gold. There are 4 types of Normal monsters namely Crab, Gargoyle, Crammer, and Crimson Lizard.

Crab or often called klomang is a normal type of monster that is very unique and different from other normal monsters because Crab in addition to getting Exp after being killed will also get a Gold buff of 10 every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.

It’s no wonder that Klomang is being hunted and fought over by every player because it is located in the middle near the tower bottom and top lane with a yellow sign on the map.

As for the other three monsters, namely Gargoyle who occupies the mid lane, Crammer in the bottom lane and Crimson Lizard in the top lane, they will only get Exp, Gold and HP for 2 seconds. The three monsters are marked in green on the map.

Turtle & Lord

Turtle and Lord are monsters in the exact center of the river area. These two monsters have a big influence on the outcome of the game because the effects produced after killing the two monsters are global. War will often occur to get these two monsters.

Turtle becomes the first monster to be contested because the monster with the characteristic blue color will appear first before the Lord. Killing the Turtle will give Exp and Gold 150 for all team members.

In the latest update, the hero who manages to kill the Turtle will get a Turtle buff which has the effect of when dealing damage to the opponent will cause a Power of Turtle effect on the opponent which gives extra True Damage equivalent to 5% of the opponent’s max HP and slows the opponent’s Moveman Speed ​​by 50%.The Power of Turtle effect lasts for 1.5 seconds with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

In addition, the Turlte that has been killed will reappear, but when the Turlte has not been killed for a long time it will be replaced with a Lord.

Lord is the most powerful monster of the other monsters. He has a hp of more than 28,000 which will increase over time the game progresses. Lord is the same as other monsters that will attack when attacked first.

This monster will usually become a bone of contention between the two parties because after putting up a tough fight with him, the Lord who was killed by a team will help the team to help destroy the enemy base and turn the minions into super minions.

In the process of helping attack the enemy base, Lord will have unique abilities and strong damage to beat the first tower that confronts him. However, when Lord is killed while destroying the opponent’s base, it will spawn again like Turtle and must be killed again.

Well, those are the monsters that inhabit the forest in Mobile Legends with the functions they have.

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