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Five Proofs that Alucard is the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends and this is the reason why he is so popular!

Alucard is the strongest hero in Mobile Legends and this is the reason why he is so popular!

Have you ever thought about who is the strongest character in Mobile Legends? Who? The answer is Alucard, not without reason, because there are some things that do show that he is the strongest in the Land of Dawn universe.

At least we have five reasons why Alucard is the strongest character in Mobile Legends. Not only that, we can also say he is the favorite character of most players and is a developer’s favorite character.

Alucard himself when compared to most other heroes, like Lancelot for example, rarely gets nerfs that really don’t make sense. Even though he was hit by neIrf but Alucard still looks so strong, that is one proof he is the golden child of Moonton.

1 Character Model

The first reason is the reason why Alucard is so popular with many people, the character model is quite interesting. When it was first launched, there were a lot of slanted notes because Alucard was a rip-off of Dante Devil May Cry, even using the same name.

However, there are still many who like and are interested in this Dante even though Moonton finally changes the formation and name of this swordsman to Alucard. Even for the standard model without skin, Alucard can be said to be cool with a blue robe combined with silver hair.

2 You could say ‘Free’

Alucard is arguably a free character along with Layla and Zilong for beginners. Actually, it’s not completely free, but you are given enough capital to be able to choose one additional character in the Shop.

Rather than choosing another character, choosing Alucard to use at the beginning of the game is more relevant. Besides being strong, Alucard has also proven to be easy to play even for people who are new to MOBA though.

3 Easy Heroes

For this third point, you could say a combination of why he is the strongest hero and also why he is so popular, Alucard is one of the many heroes in Mobile Legends that is very easy to play.

Layla and Zilong are also easy, but Alucard is even easier. You don’t need to think long to attack your opponent, especially for new players who don’t understand the essence of timing in MOBA.

4 Balanced Skill Sets

If we talk about skill sets, there is nothing interesting about Alucard especially for veteran players. There is no skill to set up, the timing is also not complicated because you just have to go in and beat.

The skill set from Alucard itself is quite okay and balanced. He has the first skill that functions as a blink to enter the war, then the second skill to beat the opponent in large numbers.

The most important thing is his ultimate skill that can make Alucard really difficult to kill, if he already has at least three core items needed, one of which is Haas Claw.

5 Hit Everyone!

There is a saying “whatever the opponent, counter with Alucard!” yes, this is indeed proven true, Alucard is easy to play and has a good skill set, we can indeed use it as a counter for any hero without exception.

Fast attack speed, has blink and area attack, high basic attack, high defense and most importantly the lifesteal that gets the most from one land of dawn compared to other heroes.

So if you are lazy to think but want to win the game, Alucard is the answer to all questions. You can invite him to fight from the first minute with only Swift Boots or Warrior Boots.

However, it still doesn’t make Alucard look sexy among players with EPIC tier and above, or among pro players who play in tournaments. But still we can’t deny that Alucard is the most powerful character in Mobile Legends!

What do you think? Say it in the comments column, remember! Don’t fight against it!


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