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Five Black Desert Mobile Tips For Beginners You Need To Know

Black Desert Mobile is a game MMORPG which is quite complicated when compared to similar games because this game has a lot of features that other games don’t have. Luckily there is an in-game tutorial that will make it easier for new players.

Talking about new players, this time, Dunia Games will give tips for beginners in Black Desert Mobile what you need to know and do. Let’s just get into the discussion below.

Black Desert Mobile

1. Take advantage of the Camp

Camp is one of the features in the Black Desert Mobile. Through Camp, you can get various useful things like Black Stone which can be used to forge Equipment, or other materials that you can use or sell into Silver.

By improving everything inside Camp will also help your process in improving equipment-mu because there is a building that will give Black Stone. So, visit your Camp often, guys!

2. Run Main Quest

Main Quest is indeed a very important thing in an MMORPG game like Black Desert Mobile. By running and completing Main Quests, you can get various useful things from Main Quests such as equipment.

Not only equipment, you can also get EXP in large quantities of Play Quest, you can level up easily and quickly from working and completing all Play Quest which exists.

3. Always Enhance Equipment

The higher the level of your character, the more difficult the enemies you will face. Therefore you must always forge or enhance everything equipment you have to deal with existing enemies.

No need to be afraid to run out Black Stone because you can get it easily from Play Quest or from Camp. All the equipment you use should be direct to you enhance, at least all equipmentit reaches +7 or higher.

4. Level up Black Spirit

To increase Combat Power even bigger, you can also level up Black Spirit yours to get a little extra Combat Power. You can level up Black Spirit

by giving any equipment that you no longer use.

The higher the level Black Spirit the one you have, the bigger the bonus Combat Power which you will get. So if you have a lot equipment unused, you better use it to increase the level Black Spirit just guys.

5. Complete All Challenges

If you go to section Get Stronger in Black Spirit, then you will see a Challenge which you can complete to improve Combat Power-your. You can finish Boss Rush to seek Silver and get equipment boss if you are lucky. Besides Boss Rush, you can also complete Ancient Ruins to get equipment, Lightstone, and Magic Crystal if you are lucky. If you’re not lucky, you can still get Silver and Black Stone which is quite a lot too.

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So, that was the discussion about the tips that beginners must know in Indonesia Black Desert Mobile. Look forward to the discussion of other interesting tips and tricks about Black Desert Mobile in Dunia Games yes guys!

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