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First Day Survival Guide in Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has many game modes, one of which is survival.

The first day will be a very fast day and a long night. However, it doesn’t apply if the player has experience because they are not afraid to roam at night or kill unarmed monsters on the first night like me hehe, but if it’s a beginner it might be afraid when night falls because they have nothing.

However, there is no need to worry because I will share a guide for those of you who are still afraid or beginners to get through the first day or first night in Minecraft survival mode.

Here’s step by step to get through the first day.

The first thing to do when you first appear or spawn is to look around and look for the nearest wood or tree.

Wood is one of the most important items in this game because it is the source of many items that can only be made using wood such as crafting tables and equipment that are very useful at the beginning of the game.

Wood or trees can be found in almost all places with different types, except in deserts and oceans.

Because they do not have the tools used to cut down trees such as an axe. So, in getting wood using only your bare hands, it is a little slower than using an ax.

Look for enough wood, usually 1-2 medium trees are enough and can’t take long to look for it because remembering the first day of time is very important.

• Making Wood Plank and Crafting Table

Wood plank is an item that can be made without using a crafting table because the crafting table is made of wood plank, hehe.

Yep, after having wood, if it’s enough, the next step is to make a wood plank first by opening your inventory and then placing the wood in the box provided.

1 wood = 4 wood planks. However, don’t use all the wood to make a wood plank, leave at least 1-3 wood.

Next, after making a wood plank? Then, what to make next?

Next is making a crafting table as I mentioned above. Crafting tables can only be made after making a wood plank.

How to make a crafting table is the same as making a wood plank, the process is to open your inventory and place 4 wood planks in the 4 boxes provided.

• Making Sticks and Equipment (Swords, Pickaxes, Axes)

The wood plank left over from making the crafting table is then used to make sticks.

Sticks are a must-have item if you want to make a piece of equipment. To make sticks you can use your inventory or crafting table. You don’t need to make too many sticks. 8-12 sticks are enough to save wood planks because we still use them to make equipment.

The equipment made on the first day is still very simple because it still uses wood. Even though it is simple, the equipment is enough to help get through the first day and we only make the 3 most important tools such as swords (Sword), pickaxes (PixAxe) and axes (Axe).

All these tools have the advantage of speed compared to using your bare hands because on the first day we are in a race against time.

To make tools we can’t use inventory but crafting tables that have been made and placed on the floor or similar blocks. For more details, see the picture below for how to make it.

Pickaxes are used to get stones, without a pickaxe we cannot get stones using our bare hands instead of being able to even stones will be crushed.

The sword is used to hunt and kill evil mobs to make it faster because the damage generated is also large.

While the ax is used to speed up the felling of trees rather than using a slow bare hand.

• Find Rocks and Create Hideouts.

After making the equipment, the next step is to find stones and at the same time make a hiding place.

I combine this step in order to save time because in looking for rocks we also create temporary hiding places in the ground. Actually if we spawn on rocky cliffs it is more suitable for finding rocks and hiding places because we don’t have to dig underground.

However, in my seed or spawn this time there is no cliff so I use a hiding place in the ground.

The method is not complicated, we just dig or mine like a ladder to find stones, usually 3-5 blocks can find stones.

Now, when we find the stone, we stop to make a hiding place measuring 3×3 or enough for us to place the crafting table and furnace that we will make later.

Don’t forget to also install the door to make it safe and mobs don’t enter. The door is made using 6 wood planks on the crafting table. However, if you play the hard level, the door made using wood can be destroyed by zombies.

Next, after making the hiding place, you can continue to look for stones in the same way. Don’t forget to use a pickax when looking for stones. For a while and save time, we just need to look for 9 stones or just to make a furnace.

• Making Furnaces and Torches

Furnaces and torches have a relationship that needs each other if we don’t have coals to make torches.

Like my seed, it doesn’t exist or is close to the coal around it, if we look for it, we can find it.

However, back to the time left is only a little and we need lighting so if you find a seed that doesn’t have coal around you can use charcoal as an ingredient to make a torch but if you have one you can use the coal.

Charcoal is made from wood that is burned in a furnace. So, we first make a stove using the stones that we have found on the crafting table by placing 9 stones in the boxes provided.

After the stove is successfully made, place only 1 wood in the stove and a wood plank as a fuel to save money. Each wood that is burned will produce one charcoal.

If you have made charcoal, the next step is to make a torch. Use the remaining sticks and charcoal to make a torch. In making a torch you can use a crafting table or without a crafting table or inventory.

1 Charcoal = 4 torches. Just place 1-2 torches in the hiding place after successfully making it so that when night falls the place is no longer dark.

• Hunt

Once the lighting and place are successfully created we can use the remaining time to find food to eat while we hide and wait for tomorrow.

When hunting, try not to be far from the hiding place so that when the evening comes we can quickly hide.

In addition, hunt for animals that have filling meat such as pigs, cows, chickens and sheep. You will be very lucky if you get 3 sheep with the same color of wool because you can use them to make beds so you can get through the night faster.

Unfortunately, this time I only got one lamb and had to wait until morning came.

• Waiting for the Morning

Night falls, it’s time to hide in the hiding place we have made, even though it sounds boring indeed.

But don’t worry, you can get rid of that boredom by burning hunting meat and while waiting for the meat to cook and in the morning you can continue to mine stone which you can later use to make tools from stone not from wood anymore.

When the morning comes, you can go back to doing the activities you want to do, for example looking for sheep to get the wool that can be used to make a bed so you can get through the night briefly.

Well, that’s a guide on how to survive in Minecraft the first day we can learn from this post, which is to respect time because time is very important. That’s all for this post, good luck.

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