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Fill Stat Formula FC21 Stat Formula Toram Newest Online

After Update level cap to 210, fill stat rumus formula Toram Online the old one is not used and is no longer worth it again to use, because with the rise level cap to 210, players can create the latest fill stat formula, namely FC21 for status full critical. This time Artha Blog will share the formula for free, which will continue to be updated from day to day if there are the latest formulas.

Toram Online

Armor A8% CD10% CD20 CR21


  • Beast: 10200

  • Wood: 24750

  • Metals: 0

  • Cloth: 0

  • Medicine: 24750

  • Mana: 83125

  • Highest mats per step: 58182


Original Potential: 33
Starting Potential: 65

  • Step 1: Attack % +1 (1 x)

  • Step 2: Critical Damage % +1 (1x)

  • Step 3: Critical Damage +1 (11x)

  • Step 4: Critical Rate +1 (1x)

  • Step 5: MATK %-10, Magic Pierce % -5, Accuracy -10 (1x)

  • Step 6: Critical Rate+1 (20x)

  • Step 7: ATK %+7, Critical Damage %+9, Critical Damage +9, Accuracy %-5 (1x)

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That’s all the discussion about the latest FC21 Fill Stat formula, we will continue to update all the existing formulas. Because the level cap 210 update was only done a few days ago when this article was posted, the new fill stat formula is of course still difficult to find because many people are still experimenting with new formulas.

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