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Effective Ways To Overcome PUBG Mobile Voice Chat Not Working

How To Resolve PUBG Mobile Voice Chat Not Working – Hello all gamer friends, on this occasion the admin will share a little with all gamer friends how to solve the microphone error in PUBG Mobile / pubg mobile mic can’t / PUBG Mobile voice chat error. But before that, let’s get to know a little bit about the game PUBG Mobile.

One of the games on Android / IOS / PC that is gaining popularity and played by people from different parts of the world is PUBG Mobile.

Who doesn’t know the game PUBG Mobile? Of course, almost everyone, whether kids, teens, adults, or even parents, plays this popular game on Android.

PUBG Mobile was actually released not that long ago. However, the PUBG Mobile game is being accepted by the public very quickly, even now it has reached tens of millions of downloads in a short period of time.

This proves that the PUBG Mobile game is very good and fun indeed.


Playing in games that are currently hits like PUBG Mobile is indeed the main attraction for people who love online games on smartphones.

Playing PUBG games is really fun. However, on the one hand, there are also some obstacles for people who want to play Pubg mobile games such as the size of the game which is quite large which is up to 1.5GB more. On the other hand, there are obstacles like PUBG Mobile Voice not working or there is no sound so users get frustrated sometimes.

In fact, there are several factors that cause voice chat to not work in PUBG Mobile / microphone failure. These causal factors sometimes come from the Pubg game application and sometimes the smartphone itself.

So, if you have voice chat error and it doesn’t work, here are some tips on how to deal with microphone error / no sound on your PUBG Mobile and apply and run.

1. Grant PUBG Mobile Games permission to access the microphone

The first time you download the PUBG Mobile game and then open the game, you will be asked for access through a microphone. Well, at this time my friend might press “Deny” to allow mic access to your Pubg mobile game so this is one of the causes Microphone failure Aliases don’t work.

So if you ever deny microphone access, you can try to enable / enable pubg mobile microphone by going to the settings section App info >> Authorizations >> Microphone and finally, make sure you have allowed the use of microphones in your PUBG Mobile game.

2. Update the PUBG mobile game to the latest version

You can also fix Pubg Mobile voice chat error by updating your friend’s PUBG Mobile game to the latest version.

From time to time the PUBG Mobile game will continue to be updated or updated. Sometimes bug fixes are also a trigger for PUBG Mobile’s voice chat to not work properly.

Hence, as one of the best solutions, you can try to update your PUBG Mobile game so that the microphone / voice chat error can go back to normal. Who knows can help overcome the microphone that has no sound or not working that occurs while playing PUBG games.

3. Using the PUBG Mobile Emulator

One solution that is also very good for overcoming the microphone bug not working in PUBG Mobile is to use the PUBG Mobile emulator on a PC.

Although it will take a long time to install, playing the PUBG Mobile Emulator game on a PC will surely be a lot different and guaranteed to be a far cry from microphone problems.

Before playing, however, make sure that your headphone microphone or laptop microphone (if used) is working well or is compatible with your computer.

4. Activate the microphone icon in the lobby

One of the causes, which may also be the reason why the microphone is not working in PUBG Mobile, is not turning on the microphone icon in the lobby.

If other players’ microphones are flashing in the lobby, it means those players are talking. However, if you cannot hear or speak, it means something is not activated. You can try turning on the microphone first. Turning on the microphone in PUBG is also pretty easy, aka very easy.

To be able to speak in the PUBG game, you need to click the microphone button at the bottom right of the screen. Sometimes there is a problem with the phone and the server, the microphone button cannot be pressed / clicked. Therefore, my friend can rotate the smartphone 180 degrees and try to activate it again.

5. Make sure the headset is properly connected

If you think voice chat is not working on your PUBG, the problem may be with your headset. Your headset may not be plugged in properly or the cord may be damaged.

So my friend will first check that your headset is properly installed. Or you can unplug it first and then plug it back in if needed.

6. Reinstall

This can be the last solution you can do if your Pubg voice memo or microphone is still broken or not working.

You can delete the game first and then download the PUBG Mobile game again, buddy.

Unfortunately, this type of overcoming the non-working voice chat can take up such a large amount of data. So the administrator recommends that you install it over WiFi only and this will likely save your data quota a lot more.

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That’s me How to Fix Voice Chat / Microphone Error Not Working in PUBG Mobile Game that you can try. Hopefully this can help all of you who are in trouble to overcome this PUBG voice chat error problem. Much luck.

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