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Effective ways of overcoming free fire cannot be started and opened

How to fix free fire won’t start and open – Hello to all FF players, on this occasion the admin will share a little solution to all of you who definitely have the problem why the free fire game cannot be played, opened or started. But first, let’s know a little bit about this online mobile game.

The Free Fire game or commonly referred to as FF is a game that existed / released on Android and iOS smartphones not so long ago.

It didn’t take long for this free fire game to join the ranks of the most popular games in the Playstore and App Store.

Playing this Free Fire game is very exciting indeed and never gets boring. The game is unique and can be played with the closest people, e.g. B. with friends, family, girlfriends, relatives and others, which is why free fire games are so loved by people.

Of course, when you want to play it turns out that there are obstacles to not logging in, which makes us, as Free Fire players, very upset and disappointed.

This is actually a natural thing considering that Free Fire is an online game that requires a large capacity and amount of RAM.

So, for those of you whose RAM capacity is small, namely 1GB or less, you no longer have to wonder why there are problems that arise when trying to play free fire games such as starting unable to log in , cannot be played and a connection error has occurred.

Hence, you need solutions to fix the errors or errors you encounter, among which you can follow some of the simple and easy steps or tips below. Here is how to fix Free Fire connection error, Free Fire login failed, cannot login / start.


The solution to properly logging in in the open fire is to update the game to the latest, better version.

Usually when there is a free fire game update there is of course a notification that needs to be updated immediately.

Make sure you have updated and don’t ignore it as it will affect your free fire game application.

So there is no need to ask why your free fire game can’t be logged in and opened because you didn’t update.

These updates include updates for bugs found in previous versions, the addition of features, etc.

So update your free fire game immediately directly in the Playstore / App Store so that the problem cannot be played, it can be fixed immediately.


One solution powerful enough to solve the free fire game cannot open problem is to clear the free fire game data yourself.

Due to the accumulation of files or game history, the capacity and RAM usage are usually accumulated and increased.

Therefore, you can try to clear the data so that your free fire game can log in again and reload the data it contains.

To clear free fire game data you can do so by going to. walk Settings >> Apps >> Free Fire >> Erase Data.

3. CLEAR cache

Not much different from deleting data. The solution to not being able to start the free fire game is to clear the cache.

Cache here is a temporary storage location for application or game data that we have just played.

However, did you know that this cache build actually becomes a drag on your smartphone, especially if you want to play free fire games?

Now that our smartphones continue to perform well, and the cache build-up continues to degrade performance, it is not surprising to see problems when trying to play free fire games.

Hence, you can try to delete it in a way that is not much different from deleting data, namely by typing Settings >> Apps >> Free Fire >> Clear Cache.

4. Restart HP

Another solution to solving the problem of logging in and not starting up is to restart the mobile phone.

If you restart the mobile phone here, all system applications and games will be restarted so that all existing data will be reloaded.

Please note, however, that when the mobile phone is restarted, the mobile phone is switched off and on again here.

After restarting the mobile phone, try opening your free fire game again and it might not be possible to start the problem and it will go back to normal.


An unstable signal is one of the triggers for the fact that free fire cannot be opened or started.

To play in open fire, our signal must be good and stable. Because as we know, the free fire game is an online game that connects dozens of players in one game.

So don’t be surprised if the free fire game requires a stable and smooth internet connection. Also Read: How To Avoid Delays While Playing Free Fire Games.

If you want a better and more stable internet connection, you can try WiFi.

You can go to places that offer free wifi and make sure the wifi connection is not connected / shared with many devices as it will cause cracking while playing.

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That is a brief explanation too how to solve free fire cannot be opened and played that you can try one by one to solve any problems that appear in your free fire game.

Hopefully this can be useful to all of you and don’t forget to share with other friends if you find this helpful in overcoming free fire problems Error.

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