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Easy Ways to Set Black Desert Mobile Graphics Smoothly Without Lag

Black Dessert Mobile is a game MMORPG best released in Android. This game was first released in 2021 yesterday and has become the best-selling game to date. There is a way of setting graphics Black Desert Mobile Smoothly Without Lag what you have to do while playing this.

BDM it is different from other games that are popular in Indonesia today. Most of today’s games are genre MOBA or Battle Royals. But games MMORPG also lost a lot of fans.

Even so, this game can still present games that can be played in multiplayer, in this game you can also play with friends, or randomly by playing online.

Despite losing to other games such as, Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor (AOV). Games Black Desert Mobile also has many loyal fans who are not less than the popular game.

Mainly Games Black Desert Mobile which you can play on Android and iOS Of course, everyone can easily access this one game.

However, please note that the quality of the graphics in this game cannot be played optimally, many players experience lag quite often, especially for the Kentanks. So you have to use high smartphone specifications to play it.

But actually there are ways to optimize graphics even if your smartphone has limited capabilities. Well, here we will explain how to make the graphics in your game better. In order to no longer find Lag problems when playing.

How to Set Black Desert Mobile Game Graphics Without Lag

How to Set Black Desert Mobile Game Graphics Without Lag

Each game, of course, has settings that can be set according to the user. This setting is presented so that you can play comfortably. Here’s how to play Black Desert Mobile better and smoother. If you find the graphics are lag and not good. Therefore, here we provide a solution.

Low or high settings in a graph, of course, require high specifications and will eat up internet quota which is increasingly wasteful and heats up quickly.

However, this does apply to all games that require high specifications but are forced to use devices with mediocre specifications. Therefore, use the following settings to make it easier for you when playing Black Desert Mobile to avoid lag.

  • Set Practical: Prioritize Quality

  • Effect Quality: Tall

  • Resolution: Tall

  • Textures: Tall

  • Frame Limits: 30FPS

For resolution problems, actually you can have Settings (Max) according to the device you have. If indeed your smartphone is less capable, as a result the smartphone will heat up quickly and its performance will decrease.

For those of you who have less qualified specifications, try using the settings above so that you can play more smoothly.

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So that’s how to set the graphics Black desert Mobile to play smoothly without any lag. Hopefully the method above is a solution for those of you who are having problems with graphics that are not fun at all Black desert Mobile. Hope it is useful.

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