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Easy Ways to Restore PUBG Mobile Account Banned for 10 Years

Tencent often ban the account PUBG Mobile even up to 10 years, then how to restore a banned account?

There are many things that create an account PUBG Mobile you are banned, which usually you use illegal programs such as cheats.

Not only that, if you use additional applications such as GFX Tools and the like then Tencent will also get banned on your account.

The duration of this ban also varies from a day to 10 years. Even though using the application GFX Tools this is intended to improve graphics as well as network PUBG Mobile.

Then how to restore the account that has been banned? Following Samuel XCIII give one way that you can try.

PUBG Mobile Account Banned for 10 Years?  Here's How To Overcome It

How to Restore PUBG Mobile Account Banned for 10 Years

  • You have to send a message to the PUBG Mobile Support Team Email itself. The team’s email address is

  • You can fill in the subject with “I Can’t Login To My PUBG Account Message”

  • Write your message in English and explain why you shouldn’t be banned

  • Well, after filling as above. Immediately send the message and wait for a reply from the Tencent Support Team

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The method above will not work 100% because the team from Tencent will evaluate it first and if indeed your account should not be banned then you will be able to use the account again.

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