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Easy ways to overcome the free fire game often ends up alone

How to overcome the force near the game Free Fire ff

How to solve the Free Fire (FF) game by yourself / force close – The 2021 Free Fire game can be called one of the best-selling games among all games for Android and iOS.

The game is unique and involves many other players in a fight, an attraction of course for those who enjoy playing online games.

The size of the Free Fire game is quite large, around 400MB. However, when compared to other similar game applications, the size of the Free Fire game can be said to be very small.

With the game application size much smaller than other similar games, the Free Fire game is obviously the right choice, especially for those who have smartphones with RAM in the 1GB or less range.

Playing in the Free Fire game is a lot of fun indeed. The players in this FF game are also dominated by people of different ages. Ranging from children, teenagers, through to adults also play in this popular game.

It used to be a game genre Battle Royale only playable via PC. But in an increasingly modern era like now, we can now play it on mobile phones and also feel the same game as we did on PC.

In order to be able to play smoothly without any problems, the smartphone we have must of course have high specifications and a large amount of RAM.

When our smartphone’s memory is only 1GB, it’s not uncommon for us to have problems at times, like one of these Force close.

When playing online games, including the Free Fire game, we often encounter the Force Close problem. There are several causes that lead to a forced close such as: B. too little RAM and so on.

Quite a few players have such problems. That is certainly very annoying, especially when we are in the combat area.

Hence when you run into problems force or suddenly come out while playing the Free Fire game then you can follow several solutions to overcome this which are explained below. episode how to overcome nearby force in free fire game.

1. Update Free Fire to the latest version

Usually, the forced close issue occurs, possibly because the Free Fire application you are using is an old version and therefore not compatible with the latest version.

Garena will certainly continue to make updates to make the game even better quality. The updates made naturally also affect the old version of the FF game application.

Well, if you are facing this problem, it can’t hurt to update your free fire game application.

To update your ff game, you can go directly to the playstore or Appstore and do an update there.

This way, the force close (FC) problem can usually be resolved and will not reoccur.

2. Delete unused apps

If you have a smartphone with 1GB of RAM and you experience force close frequently while playing ff, this problem can occur because the RAM usage is slowly running out.

Typically, building excess applications continues to consume RAM memory. As a result, the existing RAM of our smartphone is of course further emptied, so that in the end it has an effect on the performance during use.

Hence, for those of you who use a smartphone with 1GB of RAM, the solution to the force close problem is to delete applications that are not in use.

If you delete applications that are not in use, your smartphone’s memory will also increase so that the performance of the smartphone remains stable while playing the Free Fire game.

3. Clear the Free Fire app cache

Try clearing your Free Fire app’s cache. Of course, if you play the Free Fire game too often, the saved cache will continue to accumulate.

Excessive cache build-up will certainly affect the performance of the application.

So, if you are having trouble playing Free Fire, you can try clearing its saved cache. Who knows, this can help with the forcing close issue that is common when playing the Free Fire game.

To clear the cache, go to Settings >> Apps >> Free Fire >> Clear Cache. After that, you can try to open your free fire game again.

4. Ensure a stable network connection

The internet network connection is certainly very influential in the free fire game.

If the network connection is not stable, there will surely be various problems.

In addition to lag issues or crashes caused by an unstable network connection, sometimes an unstable network also causes a sudden shutdown.

Therefore, it is important to check the network connection first so that there are no problems while playing and the game is certainly a lot more fun.

5. Restart the smartphone

If the force-close problem doesn’t go away, an effective solution is to restart the phone.

Typically, all systems, functions, and applications are restarted when you restart.

You can try restarting your smartphone. Regardless of whether it is an Android smartphone like Samsung, Xiaomi or an iPhone.

The ability to overcome the forced closure by restarting the smartphone is sometimes effective for some forced closure problems that occur. So it never hurts to try it out, who knows, it can help overcome the force closure issue that often comes up when playing a free fire game.

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These are just some of the ways that can help you overcome the forced locking problem that is common when playing the Free Fire game. Much luck.

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