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Easy Ways to Overcome a Blocked Garena Free Fire Account

There are still many who don’t know how to restore an account Garena Free Fire which has been blocked or banned directly by the developer.

Garena indeed known to often ban accounts that are proven to have violated regulations, such as committing cheats and other illegal behavior.

However, sometimes there are also many players whose accounts are suddenly banned Garena because they received reports from other players, even though the players did not do what they were accused of.

If you feel that you are not doing something illegal but suddenly your account is banned, then we have a solution so you can get your account back.

Garena Free Fire

How to Restore Banned Free Fire Account

  • Go to the official Garena Player Support website on your device.

  • Choose Email us now (Image Email) to contact game customer service.

  • Describe the problem in detail along with the subject

  • Submit your ticket, and customer service will contact you shortly.

The method above is a method that you can immediately use, because indeed this method is the official or official method provided by Garena.

If you are finished, then you just need to wait for the Garena support team to notify you.

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But keep in mind that this method can’t 100% get your account back, but Garena will check first whether it’s worth reopening or not.

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