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Easy Ways to Make Your Own PPSSPP Texture Game Mod on Android

Using texture mods when playing PPSSPP games can make the game look more attractive and don’t get bored quickly because of the same appearance.

PPSSPP Texture Mod

However, for those of you who want to make their own texture mods, you can also know, it’s even easy to do and not complicated because you can do it via Android. Here are just the steps you can take if you want to make PPSSPP game texture mods via Android.

How to Make PPSSPP Game Texture Mod on Android

1. Open PPSSPP, then go to Settings > Tools > Developer Tools. Then enable Save new textures and disable Replace textures.

2. After that, play the game that you want to mod the texture until the texture you want to mod appears or is visible. Later the texture that appears will be automatically saved. This will also cause the game to lag a bit due to the storage process.

For example, if you want to modify a Swimwear outfit from The 3rd Birthday, then all you need to do is use that outfit to play or view it in the clothes list so that the texture will be saved automatically.

3. If you have, you can disable Save new textures and activate Replace textures as before.

4. Edit the texture that you got from step no.2 using an editing application that you like.

Notes : To find the texture you can open the PSP folder > TEXTURE > Game ID > new.

Texture of Swimwear The 3rd Birthday

For example, here Gamelmit edited the texture of Swimwear from The 3rd Birthday using picsay pro.

Swimwear The 3rd Birthday clothing texture before editing

Texture of Swimwear The 3rd Birthday after editing by changing the color to pink.

5. After you finish editing the texture, you can save the texture. But make sure you don’t change the name and the .png format.

If you are using picsay pro, then you need to remove the picsay text when you want to save.

6. Move the edited texture to the PSP folder > TEXTURES > Game ID.

7. Play the game, if you correctly follow the steps above. The texture that you have mod or edited will be installed.

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