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Easy Ways to Cheat PPSSPP Games on Android

Many say that using cheats is not interesting. But there’s nothing wrong with using cheats if it’s just for fun, or we really have trouble finishing the game so we need a cheat.


Well, for those of you game lovers who use the PPSSPP emulator and want to cheat on the games. Here Gamelmit shares the steps for easy PPSSPP game cheats on Android.

Easy Ways to Cheat PPSSPP Games on Android

1. Download PPSSPP game cheats here.

2. Extract the cheat and move the file cheat.db into the folder PSP > Cheats.

If there is no Cheats folder in the PSP folder, you can create your own manually.

3. Open PPSSPP and play the game you want to cheat.

4. While still in the game, press again on your android so that it enters the save state menu. Then select Settings > System and activate Enable Cheats.

5. Return to the save state menu and select Cheats.

6. Select Import from cheat.db, then the cheat of the game will appear.

Press or tick to activate it.

Until the steps above you have successfully cheated the PPSSPP game, but if there is a game that you play and the cheat does not appear. Then indeed the cheat from the game is not available at cheat.db. So what can you do to keep cheating on the game is the manual cheat method. The following is an example of the steps to cheat the ppsspp game manually.

How to Cheat PPSSPP Games manually on Android

1. Download and install the app Text Editor.

2. Open the Text Editor, then select open file and look for the cheat file of the game you are going to cheat.

Usually the file has a name according to the game id and is in the format .this in PSP > CheatsTo find out the game id (in the form of letters and numbers) you can press and hold the game on PPSSPP until a display like the following appears.

3. Find the game cheat that will be cheated according to the game id on google.

4. After you find it, copy all the cheats and paste them into the cheat file that you opened in step no 2. Then press the check mark to save.

5. Open PPSSPP and play the game.

6. While still in the game, press again on your android. Then select the cheat, if you correctly follow the steps above then the cheat from the game will appear.

That’s how to cheat the ppsspp game, if you’re still confused, you can ask in the comments column.