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Easy Ways to Change PPSSPP Background on Android

For those of you game lovers who use the PPSSPP emulator, you will definitely see the light blue background of PPSSPP with animated buttons moving when you want to play the game.

PPSSPP Background

Even though it doesn’t look too important, but for those of you who feel bored looking at the background, you can change the background using the image you want so that it looks cool and also interesting.

Now if you want to replace it, there are 3 ways you can do so that you can change the PPSSPP background, namely:

First step

1. Make sure you have the image you want to use as a background and saved in the gallery.

2. Open PPSSPP and enter the section Settings > System

3. Select Set UI background, then you will be directed to the gallery.

4. Choose the image you want to use as the background and instantly the image will be installed as the PPSSPP background.

Second Way

1. Change the name of the image you want to use as a background to background by having the format .png.

2. Move the renamed image into the folder PSP > SYSTEM.

3. Run PPSSPP, if it is true then the background of PPSSPP has changed to an image that you have renamed and moved.

Third Way

This last method is the way if you want the initial appearance of the game you are playing to be the background of PPSSPP.

1. Open PPSSPP.

2. Press and hold on the game you want to make the background.

3. Select Use UI background, then the initial appearance of the game has succeeded in becoming the PPSSPP background.