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Easy Ways of Fast Leveling 1 - 205 Toram Online Leveling List

Toram online now it’s reached level cap 205, while the old leveling tricks and tips cannot be reused, because to reach level 205 requires us to level in different places, from the various leveling spots there are many advantages and disadvantages, therefore everything will be discussed in the post this time. Here are the latest 1 – 205 quick leveling tips:

Toram Online

Level 1 – 140/141

As usual, the emergence of a new level cap will be accompanied by the appearance of a new main quest and boss, to reach level 140 you can easily complete the main quest by utilizing bodyguards obtained from friends or guilds, the trick is still the same, you have to fight bosses which exist in play quests with level easy, it must also be accompanied by using bodyguard with a 2-handed sword job or two handed sword with attack 9000 and above. Especially for playing quests against bosses Venice and Pixtica, it is recommended to use help from other players, because to fight this boss it will be difficult if you only rely on bodyguard just.

Level 141 – 200

When you reach level 141 or 142, you immediately level up in venena with the boss level normal, hard, nightmare, and ultimate, keep leveling there by doing party with other players, because basically by fighting venena you can reach level 200 quickly, but specifically for levels 199 to 200 it is recommended to use book exp with a total additional exp of at least 200% or 300%. But if you are tired of fighting Venice and want to find another challenge, then here is a list of bosses that you can fight to reach level 200.

  • 136 – 141 Builder Golem (Mini Boss) Huge Crysta Factory: 3rd Floor

  • 141 – 145 Dusk Machina (Mini Boss) Small Demi Machina Factory: Area 2

  • 145 – 147 Odelon Machina (Mini Boss) Large Demi Machina Factory: Area 2

  • 147 – 153 Venena Coenubia (Normal) Ultimea Palace: Throne

  • 153 – 157 Commander Golem (Mini Boss) Lufenas Mansion: Entrance

  • 157 – 163 Venena Coenubia (Hard) Ultimea Palace: Throne

  • 163 – 167 Wandering Wheel (Mini Boss) Ultimea Palace: Demi Machina Storage

  • 167 – 173 Venena Coenubia (Nightmare) Ultimea Palace: Throne

  • 173 – 176 Altoblepas (Mini Boss) Rococo Plains

  • 176 – 180 Mithurna Lynx (Mini Boss) Ruins of Mt. Mithurna: Stylobate

  • 180 – 185 Carbuncle (Mini Boss) Hall of Construction Gods

  • 185 – 195 Venena Coenubia (Ultimate) Ultimea Palace: Throne

Levels 200 – 205

Basically, leveling at this stage is very difficult, because whatever boss you fight will not give you exp which is quite large for your level, at this stage there are actually 2 bosses that can be fought for my version of fast leveling, the boss is Mega Alpoca (mini boss) and Seele Zauga.

Mega Alpoca (Mini Boss)

Mega alpoca located in Labilance District Area 3, in one kill this mini boss can give you 1% exp at levels 200 – 205, but this monster is quite easy to beat, the admin himself managed to level from level 200 to 205 by fighting Mega Alpoca with a time of +- 2 hours (+600% exp), while fighting it must have 1 tank in the party. Leveling in Mega Alpoca It is highly recommended to use an exp book and do a fast kill, with 300% exp it can be estimated that you can reach the level cap in +-4 hours.

Seele Zauga (Ultimate)

Leveling in Seele Zauga itself is quite difficult, here you are required to have 1 tank and 1 DPS with large damage, the level of difficulty faced to reach level 205 is the Ultimate level, while for how long it takes to reach level 205 is not known for certain because the admin himself has never leveled here, but many other players recommend leveling at Seele Zauga because it gives a fairly large exp.

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A few brief explanations about tips and tricks for fast leveling in Toram, specifically for levels 199 to 205 it is highly recommended to use an exp book, the exp book itself can be obtained from potum darts (daily quests in the orbs shop menu), and other events that provide exp books free.

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