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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 6 Battle of Changban

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 6 Battle of Changban

Cao Cao and his army continued to pursue Liu Bei. Liu Bei’s army was divided and Liu Bei’s son, Adou, was separated from the main group and kidnapped by Zhang He. Zhao Yun also pursued Zhang He to take back Adou.

Part 1 Paving Time

Cao Cao’s army is right behind us and our troops are scattered protecting the civilians. The situation is getting worse and more worrying. Zhuge Liang proposed to ask for help from Liu Qi who was in charge of Jiangxia city. With Liu Qi’s help we can escape by ship. But still we have to go to Jiangling river to board the ship. Guan Yu was going to Jiang Xia for help, Zhang Fei was distracting the opponent, and Zhao Yun was going to protect the civilians. On the way, the group of civilians was attacked by Cao Cao’s troops. Our job is to protect them during the journey. Here in addition to dealing with Cao Cao’s troops we will face Wen Pin, and at the end there will be Xiahou Dun who confronts us.

Part 2 From All Sides

Adou, Liu Bei’s son is separated from the group, and Zhao Yun is trying to find him. He entrusted his duties to Zhang Fei. Our army is surrounded on all sides by Cao Cao’s army. Our job is to save them from the siege. Here we will face many opposing generals. Be careful and use character switching when necessary. At the beginning of the game we will face Zhu Ci, then next there are Gao Ping and Gao Huai and at the end there is Chunyu Dao.

Part 3 Blue Steel

This third part is one of the toughest in the Battle of Changban. Xiahou En has armed himself with the legendary blue sword to hunt down our troops. Our task here is to defeat Xiahou En and seize the legendary sword. After Xiahou En is defeated, our Critical Damage increases by 100% for 60 seconds. Use this opportunity to fight 15 gatekeepers. After 60 seconds, our damage returns to normal and it will be more difficult to defeat these 15 people. Use musou against them and also use all character skills in turn. Don’t be surrounded by them. If they surround you run first until there are only 2 or 3 guards. If 60 seconds is too hard to beat 15 people, then at least 10 people have to be defeated so it’s not too hard to beat the remaining 5 people.

Part 4 Savior Zhao

After knowing Adou’s position, Zhao Yun entered the forest and met Zhang He who took Adou. Zhao Yun chased after Zhang He to take back Adou. Our job is to help Zhao Yun block the enemy forces. Here we will face 4 generals at once, namely Jiao Chu, Zhang Nan, Ma Yan, and Zhang Yi. Just like before don’t get surrounded by them and defeat them one by one. After defeating the four of them we will see a dialogue between Zhao Yun and Zhang He, where Zhao Yun asks for Adou back but Zhang He doesn’t want to give it. Help Zhao Yun to defeat Zhang He.

Part 5 Charge

After successfully retrieving Adou, Zhao Yun handed it back to Liu Bei. This time we must protect the civilians from the attacks of Cao Cao’s troops. The civilians will cross the Chang Ban Bridge and during that time we must hold off Cao Cao’s army. Here we will be dealing with the 12 Assault Captains then Zhong Jin and Zhong Shen at the end of this section.

Part 6 Careful Tactics

Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei would continue to hold off the enemy at the Chang Ban bridge, while Zhuge Liang led the troops to advance to
Cao Cao’s Camp. Here we will fight Cao Cao’s troops, including the stone throwing troops so be careful of stone throwing. At the end of this section we are again faced with Li Dian whom we have defeated before.

Part 7 Burning Edge

Here our task is to escort the incendiary army that Zhuge Liang had prepared to burn Cao Cao’s camp while Cao Cao’s main force focused on Liu Bei at the Chang Ban Bridge. We will only be dealing with 3 unit captains and Yue Jin.

Part 8 Dust Twisters

Here we will fight Jiang Gan and Cao Ren. Watch out for the whirlwinds that appear.

Part 9 Trapped Tiger

Liu Bei tried to leave the Chang Ban bridge and lead the civilians to safety, but Cao Cao’s troops attacked suddenly. Our task here is to defeat Cao Cao’s army within the allotted time. Actually the enemy’s strength is no different from the previous chapters and shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s the time limit that makes it even more difficult. At the end of this section we are asked to defeat Xun You before Liu Bei loses.

Part 10 Hold The Bridge

The Warship of Liu Qi was already anchored in the river. Pass the enemies on the Chang Ban bridge and run with the ship. We will face Zhang He and Cao Cao’s army. Defeat Zhangn He to complete this episode.