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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 5 Battle Of Xinye

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Walkthrough Bahasa Indonesia Episode 5 Battle Of Xinye

The war against Cao Cao continued. This time the battle became even fiercer. Cao Cao used a formation of 8 gates to trap Liu Bei and his army.

Part 1 Divination

Cao Cao sent Cao Ren and his troops to take Xinye. This time they used an 8 gate formation which was so complex and difficult to penetrate. Liu Bei was trying to find an advisor known as the Sleeping Dragon. In the midst of his discussion with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Xu Shu appeared who offered his service to Liu Bei. Follow Xu Shu’s instructions to break through the enemy’s 8 gate formation. At the beginning of the game we will be faced with a captain and followed by 100 enemy troops. At the end of this section, we must defeat Lu Kuang and Lu Xiang to move on to the next section. Be careful because you have to face 2 enemies at once. Save the musou before confronting them and immediately release the musou when they appear.

Part 2 Tactical Moves

Our troops have entered the 8 gate formation through the Life Gate in the southeast, but the enemy troops are chasing us. Defeat them and head to the Jing Gate in the West. At the beginning of this stage, all the doors behind us have been closed, the only way is to defeat all the enemy forces that are at Jing Gate. The problem was that there were so many enemy troops coming. After fighting them, we still have to avoid the traps that the enemy has set up. After that we have to defeat Xin Ai to be able to move on to the next part

Part 3 Trapped

When we move to Jing Gate, Zhang Fei is separated from the main army and trapped in Shang Gate. Defeat the enemy troops and pass the floor traps that they have prepared, after that we will see Zhang Fei who is hit by the enemy trap, then Cheng Yu will appear to ambush us. Team up with Zhang Fei to defeat Cheng Yu.

Part 4 Taking A Risk

Our troops are trapped at the Shang Gate and heading towards the Gate of Death! Zhang Fei regretted not following orders and begged Liu Bei to punish him, but Liu Bei didn’t want to because the current situation didn’t allow it. To be able to break the 8 Gate formation through this Shang Gate, we must head to the Gate of Death, which is the most terrible gate and full of traps. Follow Xu Shu’s instructions to survive this devastating attack. Defeat all enemy troops and then pass through the wall traps that have been prepared by the opponent. After that, we will arrive at the Gate of Death. Be careful because traps pop up very quickly from the ground. Avoid these traps while continuing to attack enemy troops. Don’t get caught in a trap continuously because you still have to fight Li Dian at the end of this section.

Part 5 Ambush

When success was in sight, Cao Ren and his troops came and trapped our troops. At the beginning of the game we face Cao Ren directly, be careful because he is quite strong and we still have to face him one more time at the end. After Cao Ren loses, he will run to the East Gate, while we will head to the Life Gate. at the Gate of Life, there are 4 gatekeepers to defeat. After they lose, the Gate of Life will open and we will meet Cao Ren again. Defeat him one more time to complete this part.

Part 6 Field Dragon

We finally arrived at the Wolong Mountains, but the fog was blocking our view. Pass through the fog to meet a great strategist named Zhuge Liang. In the middle of the journey suddenly appeared an illusory army controlled by magic. Defeat them as well as the beasts that appear after them. Finally after they were defeated, appeared Yue Ying, the controller of the illusion along with the huge white tiger. Defeat them to continue the journey.

Part 7 Grass Hut

It turned out that Yue Ying was the wife of the strategic Zhuge Liang. And this time he will help us to face Cao Cao who has ordered Xiahou Dun to lead 100,000 troops to capture Xinye and defeat Liu Bei. We will fight on the Bowang Slope. Yue Ying would lead the troops and trap the enemy on the front line. Here we will face 15 assault captains! Not a small amount, of course. Be careful with them because there are quite a lot of them and their abilities cannot be underestimated. After that we still have to fight Han Hao to finish this part.

Part 8 Offline Tigers

After Yue Ying managed to distract the opponent, this time Zhao Yun played an important role in lure the enemy out of his base. Zhao Yun went into battle against Xiahou Dun then feigned defeat and retreated to the place where our troops were ready to ambush. Defeat all the soldiers that appear and Xiahou Dun at the end of the stage.

Part 9 Cutting Supplies

Zhuge Liang had arrived and launched a surprise attack on the opponent’s supply base. Protect the fire chariots so that the enemy supplies burn out. Here there will be 6 elite archers and Xiahou Lan as our enemy.

Part 10 Leaving Xinye

Cao Cao led 500,000 troops to avenge Xiahou Dun’s defeat!
Cooperate with Zhuge Liang to persuade Liu Bei to leave Xin Ye. Here we will face Zhang Liao in the middle of the journey, and at the end there will be Cao Ren blocking. Defeat them all and protect Liu Bei so he can get out of Xinye safely.

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